Antibacterial Wipes Private + White Label Manufacturer

Both private label and white label brands can benefit from adding antibacterial wipes to their product lines. Antibacterial wipes are in demand for their sanitizing abilities, which are crucial in preventing the spread of viruses and other illnesses. Portability and disposability are also good pluses.

If your company is interested in producing antibacterial wipes through a private label or white label manufacturer, get in touch with Anthem United States of Beauty’s antibacterial wipe private and white label manufacturer today. We can accommodate the antibacterial wipe manufacturing needs of both white label and private label brands in our facilities in New Jersey and Miami. To learn more about manufacturing antibacterial wipes quickly and cost-effectively, call Anthem United States of Beauty at (973) 779-1982.

What to Look for in a Private or White Label Antibacterial Wipe Manufacturer

When you’re looking for a manufacturer to produce antibacterial wipes for your private or white label brand, there are certain qualities you should be looking for. Look for a disinfecting wipe manufacturer that allows your brand to maintain flexibility over the final outcome of your product. Your wet wipe manufacturer should have facilities that can perform every step in the manufacturing process, including formulation, development, product testing, manufacturing, and product packaging. More than anything, you should look for a cleansing wipe manufacturer that values your company’s time and money.

The Cost of Manufacturing Private Label and White Label Antibacterial Wipes

The cost of manufacturing antibacterial wipes for your brand depends on many factors, including the size of the order, the ingredients included in the wipe, the complexity of the formula, the type of packaging that’s used, and whether your company is a private label brand or a white label brand. Given these factors, it can cost between a few hundred dollars and tens of thousands of dollars to manufacture a disinfectant wipe for your private or white label cosmetic or skin care brand.

At Anthem United States of Beauty, our antibacterial wipe manufacturing process is designed to allow private label and white label brands to customize the specifications of the products we manufacture so they can control the cost. For example, our clients have the option of either using our skilled chemists to create a new formula or using a formula that already exists.

When it comes to packaging, brands have the option of going for a simple design or investing in one that’s more eye-catching; clients can also choose from a variety of vessels to package their antibacterial wipes in and materials to make the packaging out of. Since consumers usually need to use a few disinfectant wipes at once, packaging that allows for easy access might make your antibacterial wipe product stand out among other wipes on the market, but simpler, cost-efficient packaging solutions are available, too.

Clients should note that the high-quality ingredients used in our products come from reputable suppliers located all over the world, boasting minimal cost that means savings for clients that use our antibacterial wipe manufacturing services. All of our antibacterial wipe manufacturing is done in our facilities in New Jersey and Miami, which also gives clients the marketing advantage of advertising that their products were made in the U.S.

How to Get Antibacterial Wipes Manufactured Quickly for White Label and Private Label Brands

Time is of the essence when you’re manufacturing a product that your consumers need. To get antibacterial wipes made quickly for your private label or white label brand, use the manufacturing services of a company that has a commitment to providing clients with quick turnaround times.

Anthem United States of Beauty boasts a quick antibacterial wipe manufacturing process because we allow clients to choose only the manufacturing services they need, allowing them to release products according to their own schedules and timeframes. Clients can customize and control their product in every step of the manufacturing process so products can be manufactured and fulfilled with minimal chance of miscommunication. Our manufacturing process begins with a consultation between Anthem United States of Beauty’s experts and representatives from your brand so we can have the chance to understand your goals for your product and learn how we can help you adhere to your projected manufacturing timeline.

How Antibacterial Wipes Can Benefit Your White Label or Private Label Brand

Whether your brand is white label or private label, including antibacterial wipes in your product line can set your brand apart from others on the market. Antibacterial and sanitizing wipes are in high demand, as they’re a crucial tool in preventing the spread of illnesses and diseases. They’re especially useful for times when there is no access to soap and water available (e.g., in cars, at parks, and in retail spaces) and are valuable because they’re easy to use, they don’t take up a lot of space, and they can be easily disposed of in any trash can. They’re mostly used on surfaces that are touched frequently, such as light switches, kitchen counters, remote controls, phones, and steering wheels.

Since consumers are seeking out effective disinfectant wipes to use for themselves, their families, and even their small businesses, including wet wipes in your product line can show your consumers that their health and hygiene is your company’s top priority.

Private + White Label Antibacterial Wipe Manufacturer Serving the US

People everywhere are seeking effective, disposable antibacterial wipes from brands they trust. Don’t waste any time getting started producing antibacterial wipes for your private or white label brand with the help of a reputable manufacturer. Call Anthem United States of Beauty’s antibacterial wipe private and white label manufacturer today to discuss the next steps in producing antibacterial wipes. You can get in touch with us by calling (973) 779-1982.