Are Baby Wipes Safe to Use on Your Baby’s Face?


The concerns of new parents are too numerous to list here, but among them is the need for safe, effective baby wipes. While this may seem like a simple thing to find, the market is saturated with any number of products that could have unknown effects on a child’s sensitive skin. Choosing the right one for your baby can mean the difference between comfort and irritation – and the difference between quiet nights and fussy ones.

But how do you know which wipes are safe to use and which are not? The baby wipe manufacturers at Anthem United States of Beauty can offer some insight on that count. Keep reading to learn more about what baby wipes to use on your baby’s face.

What Types of Baby Wipes are Available?

Parents looking to select a brand of baby wipe have a lot of options to choose from, and our skincare product manufacturers can work with you to create something that fits your needs. Wipes can vary based on a number of characteristics, including the type of solution, thickness of the wipe, design of the packaging, and product’s environmental impact. Here are a few of the common kinds of baby wipes:

Basic Disposable Wipes

Simple, easy-to-use baby wipes are available in abundance from an array of sources, both online and in retail stores. While many of these wipes are inexpensive and available in bulk, they tend to be very thin and less effective than other types of wipe. Also, because they are cheaply made, they can sometimes contain chemicals that irritate a baby’s skin. Still, they can work well in a pinch and are easy to find.

Natural Wipes

As with many products these days, a variety of baby wipes made with natural ingredients are available to discerning parents. These wipes can sometimes come at a greater cost than the more basic alternatives, but the advantages they offer can be significant. Instead of the chlorine, alcohol, and perfumes that come with lower priced wipes, natural wipes use plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and lavender to soothe the skin without the need for irritating chemicals or scents.

Water-based Wipes

The ultimate in hypoallergenic skin care, water-based baby wipes go even farther than natural wipes in their commitment to simplicity. As the name implies, water-based wipes use solutions made from up to 99. percent water, often with just a drop of a natural ingredient – a fruit extract or natural oil, for example – to soothe the skin without irritating it. If your child has especially sensitive skin or a condition like eczema, water-based wipes may be your best bet; they tend to be more expensive, but the results speak for themselves.

Cloth Wipes

Although they require a bit more work on a parent’s part, cloth wipes stand alone among baby wipes for a number of reasons. For one thing, they can save money in the long run because they’re reusable, so you won’t need to buy seemingly endless amounts of wipes as your child goes through diaper changes. Cloth wipes are also the strongest of wipes, so you won’t have to worry about tearing them during a particularly messy cleanup. The downside is the added laundering it takes to keep yourself stocked up in cloth wipes just as you would using cloth diapers.

What Types of Wipes Should I Use on My Baby’s Face?

Broadly speaking, any hypoallergenic baby wipe is safe to use on your baby’s skin unless your child has a particular sensitivity or skin condition. This is true of their face as well as any other part of their body. In recent years, however, many parents have begun moving away from products that contain chemicals and toward those made with fewer ingredients, especially those that occur naturally.

The reason parents prefer these wipes is simple: fewer chemicals means fewer irritants that can affect a child’s sensitive skin. It is not uncommon for babies to break out into rashes when exposed to certain types of cleaning agents, such as those found in certain brands of baby wipe, so if this happens to you, don’t panic. Instead, try a new type of baby wipe – one with fewer ingredients is usually safer to use, and natural ingredients are even better.

The bottom line is that every baby is different, and parents should plan their choice of baby wipes accordingly. Your baby may not need the most expensive wipe on the market – but then again, they might. For the best results, both for your baby’s skin and your wallet, try the one that sounds best to you and make adjustments as needed.

MANUFACTURING Custom Baby Wipes for Businesses Across the United States

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