B2B Industrial Packaging + Design for Beauty Brands

Companies of all sizes turn to Anthem United States of Beauty for packing and design of their beauty products, including masks, wipes, cleansers, and serums. Businesses seek Anthem United States of Beauty’s business-to-business (B2B) industrial packaging and design services for the amount of expertise that goes into every step of the process. Our turnkey process allows clients to depend on low costs and an expedient production process.

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The B2B Industrial Design Process from Anthem United States of Beauty

Anthem United States of Beauty prides itself on its ability to help clients develop and design products that their customers are certain to respond positively to. With a facility that is regarded as state-of-the-art by industry standards, Anthem United States of Beauty uses a turnkey process and high-quality ingredients to produce products that can improve the daily lives of customers all over the globe. Anthem United States of Beauty’s facilities offer clients the opportunity to create virtually any beauty product, including facial wipes, facial cleansers, facial masks, creams, moisturizers, serums, toners, scrubs, and more.

The Turnkey Process

By completing every step of the beauty product production process in one state-of-the-art facility, Anthem United States of Beauty ensures that clients can make the beauty products that meet their exact specifications at the right price point.

The tools and expertise at Anthem United States of Beauty offer clients the flexibility to create the products that they’ve designed with the guidance of industry experts. From consultation and formulation to manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment, Anthem United States of Beauty’s turnkey process can meet any client’s needs as they create the products of their dreams.

White Label and Private Label Industrial Packaging Production

Anthem United States of Beauty has the capacity for both private label and white label manufacturing. With private label manufacturing, products are created to be sold exclusively by one particular retailer. This retailer will submit designs and specifications for the products they want to create to the company that is manufacturing it, then that company creates the product and gives it back to the retailer so that it can be rebranded and sold.

White label manufacturing is based around making a product and selling it to a multitude of retailers that will each brand the product in their own way. Each method of manufacturing has benefits that can suit the needs of brands of various sizes.

A Commitment to Development

Anthem United States of Beauty has the resources to provide clients with new possibilities for new and existing products; we can adjust and improve upon formulas that already exist, or we can create an entirely new formula from scratch. The chemists and industry experts that work for Anthem United States of Beauty can proactively formulate and develop products that precisely target all of a customer’s needs.

The beauty industry is changing rapidly, with new trends and discoveries being incorporated into the market every day. The efficiency and flexibility provided by Anthem United States of Beauty’s team allow brands to keep up with ever-changing demands. Anthem United States of Beauty is capable of making products that are organic, vegan, cruelty-free.

Globally Sourced Ingredients

All of the ingredients used by Anthem United States of Beauty are chosen specifically for their high degree of quality. Though all of Anthem United States of Beauty’s products are created in the U.S., they are formulated using ingredients sourced from all over the world. With a sharp awareness of market trends, Anthem United States of Beauty is apt to use ingredients that consumers trust, including vitamin C, avocado, charcoal, clay, sea minerals, and coconut, all of which are sustainably produced and environmentally friendly.

Anthem’s Beauty Product Industrial Packaging Capacity

Packaging is an important part of the beauty product manufacturing process. Packaging that is designed well serves many purposes, the most important of which is that it ensures that the product can be safely shipped, stored, and then used by customers with minimal risk of tampering by third parties. Thoughtful and well-designed packaging can also preserve products and prevent damage from exposure to bacteria, sunlight, air, and changes in temperature, along with other environmental variables.

Customers depend on well-designed packaging to inform them about the product, including its ingredients and instructions for use. Customers are now more interested in knowing the ingredients that comprise their products than ever, and they appreciate packaging that directly communicates what is included in the product. Also, the packaging of beauty products is an important part of branding: Packaging is a way to communicate your brand’s values and set yourself apart from competitors.

Anthem United States of Beauty is able to package products in a variety of containers that suit the needs of each individual product. Bottles, jars, tubes, sachets, and custom-made containers are available. Anthem United States of Beauty is also capable of providing formats and supplemental packaging such as cartons and shelf trays for B2B clients.

B2B Industrial Packaging + Design Company for Beauty Companies Serving the U.S.

Beauty brands of all sizes are encouraged to use Anthem United States of Beauty’s services to create products that their customers can appreciate. Use Anthem United States of Beauty’s turnkey process to save costs at every step. Call (973) 779-1982 or visit us online to learn more today.