Best Skin Care Products to Alleviate Sunburn


Sunburn isn’t seasonal. Year-round sun protection is necessary. That being said, even the most vigilant sunscreen wearers get burnt from time to time. When that happens, it’s important to know what skin care products to use to alleviate sunburn.

Instead of waiting for your skin to heal on its own, use hydrating and moisturizing skin care products to reduce the impact of sunburn faster. Lather your face with moisturizers that are fortified with aloe vera, a succulent plant with incredible healing properties. Treat yourself to a calming sheet mask that deeply hydrates the affected area. Addressing sunburn is important to reduce damage to your skin. Natural, organic ingredients in skin care products are the best way to alleviate even the most painful sunburn.

At Anthem United States of Beauty, our chemists are dedicated to formulating hydrating products that help treat your worst sunburn. Our team uses organic and vegan practices to create innovative skin care products to address your skin’s symptoms. To learn more about the private label manufacturers for skin care at Anthem United States of Beauty, visit us online or call today at (973) 779-1982.

What Are the Best Skin Care Products to Alleviate Sunburn?

Sunburn is uncomfortable, especially when it’s on your face. Your skin begins to itch and peel, causing redness and that all too familiar stinging feeling. While you should always use sun protection, lapses happen, allowing ultraviolet (UV) rays to penetrate your skin. The only solution is to pamper yourself with hydrating skin care products like lotions and masks. When treating sunburnt skin, it’s best to use products that contain natural and organic ingredients.

Moisturizing Lotions

Like a desert needs rain, your skin needs moisture after it’s been sunburnt. When UV rays are too strong, they can kill skin cells and cause them to mutate. Immediately after noticing a sunburn, it’s important to apply a moisturizing lotion, preferably one that’s fortified with aloe vera. Though they look spiky in their natural form, the stems of the aloe vera plant have amazing healing properties. A moisturizing lotion with aloe vera can calm that burning sensation and reduce redness. Aloe vera can stimulate collagen production, which is the protein that rejuvenates the skin.

Though an average moisturizer can try to calm the skin, one with aloe vera can work more efficiently. That’s why the private label manufacturers for skin care at Anthem United States of Beauty offer the option to include aloe vera in the formulation of products. After all, aloe vera is a healing plant that rehydrates after sunburn, alleviating pain and reducing inflammation.

Hydrating Masks

Sunburn is itchy. While it’s important to ignore the urge to scratch, it’s not always easy to. When you scratch your sunburn, you damage the tender skin cells that are trying to regrow. If the impulse to scratch your sunburnt skin becomes unbearable, try using a hydrating face mask to soothe the pain. After intense sun exposure, your skin craves hydration. A luxurious hydrating face mask can reduce that itchy feeling.

The key is to use hydrating masks, not peel-off ones. After getting sunburnt, you want add moisture to your skin. Peel-off skin masks can have the opposite effect, and actually irritate your skin. To avoid that, look for masks that offer intense hydration and are specifically designed to alleviate sunburn. As sunburn heals, dead skin can begin to peel. Peeling the skin too quickly can delay the healing process. So, while hydrating masks from can help reduce itching and pain, a drying mask cannot. Be cautious when choosing a mask to alleviate sunburn – try not to agitate your skin.

The best thing you can give your skin after a sunburn is time. Refrain from using potentially irritating skin care products. Stop wearing makeup for a bit. Let your skin breathe and heal. The products you do use, like moisturizers and hydrating masks, should be made with the right ingredients. Look for items produced by a dedicated manufacturer, like the private label manufacturers for skin care at Anthem United States of Beauty. Private label manufacturing allows skin care brands to formulate innovative, unique products that contain healthy ingredients. For example, the private label manufacturers for skin care at Anthem United States of Beauty can incorporate healing, natural ingredients into post-sunburn skin care products. Organic ingredients like coconut, aloe vera, and rose water can be incredibly healing to the skin. Using skin care products with synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals can prolong your sunburn symptoms rather than alleviate them.

Why Should You Use Skin Care Products to Alleviate Sunburn?

Treating your sunburn is important for two main reasons. First, sunburn can be painful, so promptly treating it with the right skin care products can reduce inflammation and discomfort. Secondly, treating sunburn can prevent severe skin damage. When you experience repeated sunburns, your skin can age prematurely. You could even develop skin cancer. Treating your sunburn, and learning how to prevent future burns, is crucial.

Without the right skin care products to alleviate sunburn, your discomfort can last for multiple weeks. Depending on the severity of your sunburn, it can cause you pain for a long time. In the end, your body will do its best to send immune cells to the affected area to mitigate the damage. But, without proper treatment, your skin might not fully heal. Using hydrating products from experienced manufacturers, like the private label manufacturers for skin care at Anthem United States of Beauty, can quickly reduce pain and promote healing.

Even if you use the best products to alleviate sunburn, it can still be uncomfortable. It’s always important to wear sunscreen, even in the winter. UV rays can penetrate your skin no matter the weather, so protecting your skin year-round can prevent severe damage. Don’t underestimate the damage sunburn can do to your skin; UV ray penetration can cause skin cancer. So, learning how to protect your skin is necessary, not only for your comfort but for your health.

Partner with Anthem United States of Beauty to Produce Skin Care Products That Alleviate Sunburn

Producing organic, natural skin care items to alleviate sunburn can be beneficial to your skin care brand. To partner with the private label manufacturers for skin care at Anthem United States of Beauty, visit us online or call today at (973) 779-1982.