Can You Re-Wet Baby Wipes?


For many busy parents, baby wipes and other kinds of single-use hygiene products save a lot of time and effort. The soothing sensation provided by the moistened fabric and the effectiveness of the cleaners and lotions make them ideal for cleaning up a crying, flailing infant; their use only requires one hand, and their efficiency means you only need two or three of them for each diaper change. These wipes have other uses, too.

A common question is whether these wipes can be rehydrated and reused; after all, if it is loaded with cleaning agents. You may have only used it to wipe your baby’s face once – couldn’t you just save them for later and add some water if they have dried out? The short answer to this question is no.

The REsidue in Used Baby Wipes

If you have ever looked at the surface of a baby wipe after it has been used, you will likely see some residue from whatever you cleaned with it. This is true whether you use it to wipe your baby’s bottom – an obvious reason to throw out that wipe if ever there was one – or simply to clean the gunk from their eyes in the morning.

On our skin exists a diverse collection of bacteria; some of these germs are friendly and beneficial, and some are not. When you use a baby wipe to clean the skin, it collects the bacteria – both helpful and harmful alike – which can then multiply and spread across the wipe, creating a germy ecosystem that can hurt your baby’s skin.

Storing the wipe after use can be a problem as well. Dust and dirt particles floating through the air or sitting on flat surfaces can come to rest on the wipe while you wait to use it again. Keep in mind that the packaging for baby wipes is specifically designed to trap moisture inside and keep germs out so that the wipes can remain sterile; using the wipe and then storing it only leaves you with a non-sterile cloth coated in bacteria and divorced from its soothing effects.

Reusing Wipes Can Cause Infant Skin Irritation

Any experienced parent will tell you that babies are prone to all sorts of skin irritation, from neonatal pimples to mild eczema. While most of these are not a cause for concern, the fact remains that your baby’s skin requires care and attention. The use of wipes that already host dirt and bacteria can exacerbate existing skin conditions and potentially create new ones.

Fungal infections are another common occurrence in babies. They can take a number of forms, including thrush (which appears on the tongue) and candidiasis (which appears in the areas covered by the baby’s diaper). Dirty or previously used baby wipes can increase the risk of developing one of these conditions. Remember that anytime you are uncertain about your baby’s rash or other skin condition, be sure to consult a medical professional. While baby wipes can be helpful for maintaining an infant’s hygiene, they should not be used to treat any medical conditions without a doctor’s supervision.

Re-wetting UnUsed Baby Wipes in the Package

While on the surface rewetting unused “clean” wipes may seem like an acceptable idea it really isn’t.  Especially when referring to baby wipes and the ultra sensitive skin of a new born or little one.  Though the wipes may feel dry, ther is no telling what contaminants may have entered the open pack while the wipes were drying out.  Why risk causing a skin irritation or more by reusing something that is no longer in the state it was made for its intended use?  Toss the pack! Replace with a new unopened pack and you’ll have no worries.

No one, however, should be in a situation where they have to rewet unused, single-use baby wipes. That is why choosing properly sealed packaging is so important for single-use wipe brands. For more information on how we can help your sanitary wipe brand reduce dry-out through the use of a superior seal, feel free to contact our packaging experts.

Don’t Put Your Child’s Health at Risk by Reusing Baby Wipes

No one can deny that childcare is expensive and time-consuming; between diapers, food, clothes, and doctor’s visits, the constraints can add up quickly. Still, this should not provide a pretext for risking your baby’s health by reusing wipes. While they may seem perfectly viable after the first or even second use, they likely contain bacteria and other hazards from prior use. You are better off grabbing a fresh wipe. Call our baby wipe manufacturing company for more information about our high-quality wipes perfect for the sensitive skin of babies.