What Is the Difference Between “Natural” and “Organic” Cosmetics?

As a consumer, it is important to know about the products that you’re using on your skin. While you may feel comfortable using “natural” and “organic” products interchangeably, you should know that they’re not the same thing. There can be substantial differences between natural and organic cosmetic products. The first difference is in the definitions. While the word organic has a specific denotation, the word natural does not. The next differences to note are the ingredients and restrictions. Organic cosmetics need to follow strict guidelines, whereas natural products do not. Finally, the manufacturing processes may differ. Private label manufacturers for organic cosmetics generally provide more oversight and prioritize using healthy, organic ingredients during formulation. Anthem United States of Beauty is dedicated to manufacturing safe, organic cosmetics for our valued clients. To learn more about the private label manufacturers for organic cosmetics at Anthem United S

What Types of Baby Wipes Are Best for Newborns?

First-time parents may be apprehensive about finding the best baby wipes for their newborns. If you feel spoiled for choice, focus on organic, moisturizing, and cruelty-free baby wipes for your newborn. There are a few types of baby wipes that are best for newborns. Organic baby wipes can contain safe ingredients and be free from harmful chemicals that could irritate your newborn’s skin. Moisture is essential in any baby wipes for newborns to prevent diaper rashes and discomfort. Cruelty-free baby wipes can make parents feel better about a brand’s manufacturing processes and be more confident using products on their newborns. While these sound like distinct qualities, it’s possible to find baby wipes that have all the best characteristics in one. Anthem United States of Beauty knows how important finding the best baby wipes is for parents of newborns. That’s why our team is dedicated to formulating safe, effective baby wipes for your bundle of joy. To learn m

How to Get a Skin Care Product Manufactured

Creating a new skin care product for your brand can be exciting. The manufacturing process can help you succeed, especially when you partner with a trusted manufacturer. But how can you get a skin care product manufactured and tailor-made for your brand? The manufacturing process for skin care products can be very involved. Before you begin, it’s important to decide on key things, like your product’s purpose and your ideal client. Then you can choose a manufacturer. This is an important choice, especially if you want organic products and efficiency during manufacturing. The best manufacturer will take care of all steps, from formulation to distribution, so your brand can feel confident while getting a skin care product manufactured. Anthem United States of Beauty is a private label manufacturer that can make, package, and distribute your new skin care products. Our team is dedicated to providing a simple experience for clients looking to expand their product rang

How to Get a Beauty Product Manufactured

Whether you’re making your brand’s first product or expanding your range, getting a beauty product manufactured properly can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be, especially when you choose the right manufacturer. Before getting a beauty product manufactured, you should figure out a few things. What does your brand stand for? Who is your client? Once you’ve answered those questions, you can choose a manufacturer. Private label manufacturers offer choice and involvement to clients, along with experience. Then the real manufacturing process can begin, during which products are formulated, produced, packaged, and distributed. Anthem United States of Beauty acts as a one-stop-shop for beauty brands wanting to manufacture products. Our team can formulate innovative products and oversee distribution for your beauty brand. To learn more about the private label manufact

How to Start a Skin Care Line

Having a skin care line can be a creative, expressive experience. Starting one, however, takes a lot of work. Learning how to start a skin care line can help you create a successful business. So, how do you start? Everything starts with an idea, and skin care lines are no different. Before you begin, it’s important to know whether or not you need FDA approval. Next, find your target audience and decide your brand’s message. Doing these things can help you iron out product ideas and the ingredients you’d like to incorporate into your skin care line. Finally, choose a manufacturer. When you partner with a private label manufacturer, you can get guidance from experienced professionals and make your skin care line come to life. At Anthem United States of Beauty, we can help you reach your goals. Our team can work with you to create your dream skin care line. To learn more about partnering with the

The Best Natural Ingredients to Include in a Charcoal Face Mask

Charcoal face masks are all the rage these days. When it comes to popular trends, skin care brands need to know how to capitalize on the immediate demand while creating a long-term interest. You can do this by incorporating the best natural ingredients in your charcoal face masks to keep customers engaged. The first natural ingredient to include in a charcoal face mask is, well, charcoal. Activated charcoal has detoxifying and antibacterial properties that can cleanse your skin of harmful bacteria. In terms of other natural ingredients, coconut oil and aloe vera are a must. Adding Vitamin C can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. All of this is possible by working with a private label manufacturer for charcoal face masks. Anthem United States of Beauty can help your skin care brand create the optimal product. Our chemists can formulate charcoal masks by using natural ingredients and eth

Are Baby Wipes Biodegradable?

Parents of newborns like to know that the products they’re using on their babies are safe. Baby wipes are used countless times a day, for several years into a child’s life. Finding a clean, organic, and biodegradable option that is safe for children and the environment isn’t as hard as it might seem. While not all baby wipes are biodegradable, some are. The properties and characteristics of your baby wipes will depend on the manufacturer itself. Private label manufacturing allows for brands with an environmental ethos to ethically manufacture biodegradable baby wipes. These wipes have organic, natural ingredients that are safe for your baby and the environment. If you’re unsure which baby wipes are best, ask your child’s pediatrician or a dermatologist. The team at Anthem United States of Beauty cares deeply about offering baby-safe products. Because we take the time to formulate clean and biodegradable baby wipes, parents can feel comfortable, knowing the

Best Skin Care Products to Alleviate Sunburn

Sunburn isn’t seasonal. Year-round sun protection is necessary. That being said, even the most vigilant sunscreen wearers get burnt from time to time. When that happens, it’s important to know what skin care products to use to alleviate sunburn. Instead of waiting for your skin to heal on its own, use hydrating and moisturizing skin care products to reduce the impact of sunburn faster. Lather your face with moisturizers that are fortified with aloe vera, a succulent plant with incredible healing properties. Treat yourself to a calming sheet mask that deeply hydrates the affected area. Addressing sunburn is important to reduce damage to your skin. Natural, organic ingredients in skin care products are the best way to alleviate even the most painful sunburn. At Anthem United States of Beauty, our chemists are dedicated to formulating hydrating products that help treat your worst sunburn. Our team uses organic and vegan practices to create innovative skin care produ

Is There Alcohol in Makeup Wipes?

When it’s time to rid the face of makeup quickly, most people turn to removal wipes. They’re convenient and easy. In just a few swipes, you can clear your skin of the day’s makeup. But, many makeup removal wipes contain alcohol that can aggravate your skin. Skin care products should help your skin, not hurt it. However, many makeup removal wipes contain harmful ingredients like alcohol. Using them can dry out the skin, leaving your face flaky and irritated. This is especially true for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin types. Alcohol isn’t necessary to break down makeup; however, some skin care brands opt to include it in their makeup removal wipes to avoid using better ingredients. Some alternatives to these harsh products include gentle oils, facial cleansers, and alcohol-free makeup removal wipes. At Anthem United States of Beauty, our team is dedicated to creating gentle products that remove makeup. We can work with your skin care brand to formulate

What Is Natural Skin Care?

From combatting breakouts to preventing wrinkles, natural skin care products can revolutionize your daily skin care regimen. These products come with health benefits that can beautify your face naturally. But are these skin care items really natural? And what does natural mean in the context of skin care? Natural skin care products are made from things found in nature. These products contain naturally occurring ingredients that have inherent skin-healing properties. The idea is that natural products are more compatible with skin than products containing unhealthy chemicals or additives. These skin care products can holistically improve your skin while remaining vegan, organic, and humane. At Anthem United States of Beauty, we provide a turnkey solution to skin care brands. Our chemists can formulate clean, ethical, and natural skin care products for your business. To learn more about the privat