Best Skin Care Products to Alleviate Sunburn

Sunburn isn’t seasonal. Year-round sun protection is necessary. That being said, even the most vigilant sunscreen wearers get burnt from time to time. When that happens, it’s important to know what skin care products to use to alleviate sunburn. Instead of waiting for your skin to heal on its own, use hydrating and moisturizing skin care products to reduce the impact of sunburn faster. Lather your face with moisturizers that are fortified with aloe vera, a succulent plant with incredible healing properties. Treat yourself to a calming sheet mask that deeply hydrates the affected area. Addressing sunburn is important to reduce damage to your skin. Natural, organic ingredients in skin care products are the best way to alleviate even the most painful sunburn. At Anthem United States of Beauty, our chemists are dedicated to formulating hydrating products that help treat your worst sunburn. Our team uses organic and vegan practices to create innovative skin care products to address yo

What Is a Face Sheet?

With so many different types of products on the beauty market, it can be easy to confuse the various terms and bits of jargon common to online stores. Words like “serum,” “sulfates,” and “emulsion” dot product descriptions and Facebook ads, leaving a general impression of effectiveness without actually explaining the effects and benefits to be found from using that product. Face sheets are another kind of beauty product that has gained a significant following in recent years. Still, there may be some confusion about what exactly constitutes a “face sheet” and how these products can improve the complexion. Keep reading to learn more about how to start a skincare line with face sheets, face masks, and more. What Exactly is a Face Sheet? The often-discussed face sheet is known by a few names, notably as a Korean fac

Where to Get Your Own Korean Face Masks Made

Recent years have seen an explosion in the popularity of a relatively new type of beauty product known by a few different names, usually as "Korean face masks" (which is a bit of a misleader in terms of terminology) or sheet masks. These masks have become wildly popular because of their ability to quickly clear out your pores, freshen your skin, and leave you looking shiny and new. This can all take place in about half an hour and at the cost of only a few dollars. Some confusion still remains as to exactly what constitutes a "Korean" face or sheet mask. Some intrepid entrepreneurs or emerging beauty brands may even want to know how they can have their own face masks made. We are going to outline what constitutes a "Korean" face mask and how to start a skincare line with some of your very own. What is a Korean Sheet Mask and How Do I Us

Can You Re-Wet Baby Wipes?

For many busy parents, baby wipes and other kinds of single-use hygiene products save a lot of time and effort. The soothing sensation provided by the moistened fabric and the effectiveness of the cleaners and lotions make them ideal for cleaning up a crying, flailing infant; their use only requires one hand, and their efficiency means you only need two or three of them for each diaper change. These wipes have other uses, too. A common question is whether these wipes can be rehydrated and reused; after all, if it is loaded with cleaning agents. You may have only used it to wipe your baby’s face once – couldn’t you just save them for later and add some water if they have dried out? The short answer to this question is no. The REsidue in Used Baby Wipes If you have ever looked at the surface of a baby wipe after it has been used, you will likely see some residue from whatever you cleaned with it.

How to Properly Apply a Face or Sheet Mask

Sheet masks, sometimes known as Korean face masks or Korean sheet masks, are one of the most popular beauty products on the market today. Anecdotes supporting their use abound online, whether about the purifying effects of the charcoal-based mask varieties or the moisturizing powers of the more traditional serum-based kinds. More than a few consumers have reaped the benefits of these mini-facials, but for those who haven’t, it can be intimidating to try a product as specialized as a sheet mask. Fortunately, most sheet masks are fast, convenient, and intuitive to use. If you or someone you know are thinking about trying a sheet mask for the first time, keep reading; you’ll be a pro in no time. Difference Between Traditional Face Masks and Sheet Masks Though sheet masks are relatively new, facial masks in general have been around for a number of years. Those familiar with the term “face mask”

How Are Korean Charcoal Face Masks Made?

Though they have only been around for a handful of years, Korean sheet masks have established a firm foothold within the skin care industry. These trendy products combine all the elements consumers of beauty products love – simplicity, convenience, instant results – to provide many of the same benefits of a facial without the corresponding time or cost. Still, some confusion remains about what exactly constitutes a face mask, which types are Korean, and what that means. Keep reading to learn about how these popular products are made, how to start a skincare line with some of your very own charcoal face masks, and how Anthem Beauty is perfectly positioned as a facial mask manufacturing expert with the ability to ship these products on behalf of clients around the country. What Are Charcoal Face Masks?