What Is the Difference Between “Natural” and “Organic” Cosmetics?

As a consumer, it is important to know about the products that you’re using on your skin. While you may feel comfortable using “natural” and “organic” products interchangeably, you should know that they’re not the same thing. There can be substantial differences between natural and organic cosmetic products. The first difference is in the definitions. While the word organic has a specific denotation, the word natural does not. The next differences to note are the ingredients and restrictions. Organic cosmetics need to follow strict guidelines, whereas natural products do not. Finally, the manufacturing processes may differ. Private label manufacturers for organic cosmetics generally provide more oversight and prioritize using healthy, organic ingredients during formulation. Anthem United States of Beauty is dedicated to manufacturing safe, organic cosmetics for our valued clients. To learn more about the private label manufacturers for organic cosmetics at Anthem United S

How to Properly Apply a Face or Sheet Mask

Sheet masks, sometimes known as Korean face masks or Korean sheet masks, are one of the most popular beauty products on the market today. Anecdotes supporting their use abound online, whether about the purifying effects of the charcoal-based mask varieties or the moisturizing powers of the more traditional serum-based kinds. More than a few consumers have reaped the benefits of these mini-facials, but for those who haven’t, it can be intimidating to try a product as specialized as a sheet mask. Fortunately, most sheet masks are fast, convenient, and intuitive to use. If you or someone you know are thinking about trying a sheet mask for the first time, keep reading; you’ll be a pro in no time. Difference Between Traditional Face Masks and Sheet Masks Though sheet masks are relatively new, facial masks in general have been around for a number of years. Those familiar with the term “face mask”

How Are Korean Charcoal Face Masks Made?

Though they have only been around for a handful of years, Korean sheet masks have established a firm foothold within the skin care industry. These trendy products combine all the elements consumers of beauty products love – simplicity, convenience, instant results – to provide many of the same benefits of a facial without the corresponding time or cost. Still, some confusion remains about what exactly constitutes a face mask, which types are Korean, and what that means. Keep reading to learn about how these popular products are made, how to start a skincare line with some of your very own charcoal face masks, and how Anthem Beauty is perfectly positioned as a facial mask manufacturing expert with the ability to ship these products on behalf of clients around the country. What Are Charcoal Face Masks?