Anthem Beauty Acquires Miami-Based ExcelCare Products LLC

Miami, FL - Private-label beauty and consumer manufacturer Anthem Beauty recently completed an acquisition of Miami-based wet-wipe manufacturer ExcelCare Products, LLC. Included in the deal is ExcelCare’s Miami manufacturing facility, which expands Anthem Beauty’s capabilities to produce consumer-focused wet wipe products for companies in the Southern United States and Latin America. Anthem Beauty is a New Jersey-based manufacturer with an established record of developing, producing, and packaging cosmetic products for a variety of companies. Anthem’s experience and level of investment in innovative manufacturing processes give them the capability to adapt to the needs of any client and quickly and reliably produce a market-ready, American-made product. ExcelCare Products has more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing and commercializing wet-wipe skin care products, notably for leading products sold in Central and South America. The company manufactures five distinct brands