We Are So Committed to Providing Clean Beauty Solutions that We Put It in Our Name (We Rebranded)

As part of our recommitment toward providing a larger, more versatile collection of clean, high-quality personal products, we recently completed a complete rebrand of our beauty and personal care product company. Our new name is Anthem: United States of Clean Beauty. “Anthem represents my multi-cultural upbringing combined with my love of the United States and its values,” said Raj Prakash, Anthem’s founder and CEO. “With these core values in mind, Anthem is changing the paradigm not just with facial sheet masks, much of which is typically handled overseas, mainly Korea, but with our entire portfolio of new and exciting products.” Under its old identity, Anthem long had a foothold in the single-use packaging industry supported by extensive manufacturing and supply capabilities. Those services have expanded significantly since Disposable Hygiene was founded 15 years ago, a trend that has only accelerated with the company’s acquisition of a new facility in Miami earlier thi

Anthem Beauty Acquires Miami-based ExcelCare Products LLC

Miami, FL - Private-label beauty and consumer manufacturer Anthem Beauty recently completed an acquisition of Miami-based wet-wipe manufacturer ExcelCare Products, LLC. Included in the deal is ExcelCare’s Miami manufacturing facility, which expands Anthem Beauty’s capabilities to produce consumer-focused wet wipe products for companies in the Southern United States and Latin America. Anthem Beauty – previously known as Disposable Hygiene – is a New Jersey-based manufacturer with an established record of developing, producing, and packaging cosmetic products for a variety of companies. Anthem’s experience and level of investment in innovative manufacturing processes give them the capability to adapt to the needs of any client and quickly and reliably produce a market-ready, American-made product. ExcelCare Products has more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing and commer