Charcoal Mask + Facial Products

Effective Ingredients for Impressive Results.

U.S. based, Anthem is the premier B2B supplier of cutting-edge, single-use beauty and skin care products. Within our vast catalog of custom cosmetic products, two of our most highly sought-after offerings are cleansers and facial masks. Charcoal is the active ingredient in many of these products.

In recent years, skin care companies around the globe have been allocating more and more of their resources to the development and manufacturing of charcoal-based skin care products, which have been shown to effectively combat acne and improve complexion by filtering pore-clogging pollutants, bacteria, and other harmful particles from the skin. This makes charcoal-based products appealing to a large segment of consumers, opening numerous opportunities for the profitable marketing of charcoal masks and charcoal facial cleansers.

A look at Our Ingredients: Anthem Mud Face Masks

Charcoal dominates the market as one of the hottest and most commonly-used ingredients in a variety of skin care products for men, women, and teenagers. Savvy skin care companies will recognize the importance of leveraging this trend effectively.
Whether we are providing a full-scale turnkey solution, or our specialized expertise in a specific area like packaging or manufacturing, Anthem delivers a wide array of charcoal-based skin and beauty products, including:

Face Scrubs
Men’s Facial Cleansers
Women’s Facial Cleansers
Mud Masks
Peel-Off Masks
Sheet Masks

A Look at Our Process: Charcoal Masks and Cleansers

We use an innovative “turnkey” process that consolidates the services traditionally supplied by separate vendors – services such as testing, formulation, compounding, development, packaging, and manufacturing. While not every partner chooses to engage in a full turnkey solution, this distinctive offering gives clients opportunities to increase profitability by removing the inefficiencies associated with multi-vendor engagements and also by enabling clients to advertise products as being manufactured in the United States.

Solutions for both New and Existing Product Lines

While our turnkey process always emphasizes efficiency, we take a different approach depending on whether the project involves a new or existing line of products. If the project involves an existing product, we are able to either match or improve the formulation based on the desired format and what sort of ingredients the product line already uses. If the project involves a new product, we can match their desired ingredients to a mixture of any of our existing library serums – which already has all testing in place. Without our library of existing serums and products in place, the testing process would be slower – and, as a consequence, less profitable and slower to market.

A Dedication to Safe and Natural Ingredients

We are also unique for its insistence on using nothing but the finest quality ingredients, merging a holistic approach to wellness with a scientific, chemistry-based approach to superior skin care. Our experienced chemists have decades of experience incorporating charcoal ingredients into a broad range of products, offering versatile options for the most efficacious formats and delivery systems.

Getting Started

Just as we tailor our skin care products to meet your specifications, we can also tailor our service engagements to help fulfill your objectives efficiently. Whether you represent a large cosmetics business that requires reliable expert support, or your company is in need of start-to-finish in-house skin care solutions, we offer flexible service defined by value and insight.