Surface Disinfecting Wipe Manufacturers in the US

Disinfectant wipes are an effective, convenient way to clear germs, bacteria, and other microbes off of surfaces, and they are more in demand than ever before. They can be kept on hand both at home and in public places to wipe down objects and surfaces – and then you can promptly dispose of them in the trash, giving you peace of mind that you aren’t coming into contact with potentially harmful microbes.

If your company is interested in manufacturing disinfectant wipes or antibacterial wipes, get in touch with the disinfectant wipe manufacturers in the US at Anthem United States of Beauty as soon as possible. Our turn-key manufacturing process allows us to make disinfectant wipes for clients in a way that is affordable, efficient, and quick. To learn more about the manufacturing services at our New Jersey-based facilities, call us today at (973) 779-1982.

Disinfectant Wipe Manufacturing

Due to their functionality and convenience, disinfectant wipes can be a valuable addition to any company’s product line. As demand for disinfectant wipes rises rapidly around the world, many companies are considering offering disinfectant wipes to their customers. If you’re looking for a disinfectant wipe or cleansing wipe manufacturer that can produce a quality product quickly and affordably, Anthem United States of Beauty is your best option.

One reason that Anthem United States of Beauty is best suited to manufacturing disinfectant wipes is that we can manufacture products quickly. We know how important it is for companies to maintain production schedules, and we do everything we can to provide quick turnaround times for products. Our manufacturing process allows clients to use any of our manufacturing services, from product design and formulation all the way to fulfillment. Since clients can maintain a high degree of customization and control over their products during every stage in the manufacturing process, they can create products that their customers will respond to without wasting any time.

Manufacturing Disinfectant Wipes for Different Uses

Disinfectant wipes are more important than ever. Since they are a crucial tool that can be used to prevent the spread of diseases, disinfectant wipes can be a welcome addition to any product line.

Consumers love disinfectant wipes for their convenience. They can be pulled from a canister or package and then disposed of in a garbage can after use – there’s no need for sprays or exposure to harsh chemicals. Nearly any type of household surface can benefit from the disinfecting power of a cleansing wipe. To prevent the spread of diseases and viruses, disinfectant wipes should be used on commonly touched surfaces, including door handles, light switches, remotes, phones, keyboards, and kitchen counters.

Our Disinfectant Wipe Manufacturing Process

Anthem United States of Beauty boasts flexibility and versatility for clients. Clients can either come to us for specific services, or they can allow us to manufacture their products from start to finish. The following services are available to clients interested in manufacturing disinfectant wipes.


Anthem United States of Beauty encourages clients to meet with our team of skin care industry experts to discuss their ideas regarding the disinfectant wipe they’d like to manufacture with us and the budget and timeframe they have available.


We have the ability to formulate disinfectant wipes that are either entirely new and made from scratch or based on adjustments and alterations to products that already exist. We can also perform testing on the products we formulate so that we can ensure they’re chemically stable and safe for use by customers. Disinfectant wipes are valuable and we’re proud of our ability to manufacture them for our clients. However, we’re able to produce other types of wipes, including acne wipes, baby wipes, and makeup remover wipes.


Anthem United States of Beauty manufactures all of our disinfectant wipes and other products in our facilities in New Jersey and Miami. This allows our clients to say that their products are made in the United States – an important distinction that can be valuable for advertising. We use high-quality ingredients sourced from all over the world, including those that are vegan, cruelty-free, and natural. We can manufacture white label products, private label products, and others.


Packaging is important because it protects products from the elements and communicates vital information about the product to the customers that buy them. For antibacterial wipes and cleansing wipes, packaging is important because it prevents wipes from drying out, which would sharply reduce their effectiveness. Since no more than one wipe should be used for more than three square feet of surface area, we can also package disinfectant wipes in containers that allow consumers to have access to multiple wipes quickly. Packaging is also important because it gives companies a chance to exhibit the values of their brand through packaging aesthetics. We have the capacity to package products in a variety of vessels using a broad selection of materials.


The manufacturing process ends when we send a sample of the product to our clients. When they approve the product, we send it off to the retail facilities that they request so that it can be purchased by customers.

Disinfectant Wipe Manufacturer Serving the US

Companies that would like to learn more about Anthem United States of Beauty’s ability to manufacture disinfectant wipes for clients should call (973) 779-1982 at their earliest convenience. Call our disinfectant wipe manufacturers in the US to speak about the benefits of our manufacturing process and our emphasis on sustainable ingredients.