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It’s in the best interest of brands across the United States to consider adding disinfectant wipes to their product lines. They’re used by millions of Americans to prevent the spread of viruses and infection, and they’re valued because of their convenience and portability. If your white label or private label brand would like to expand its product line to include disinfectant wipes, use the services of a manufacturer that produces them quickly and within budget.

Get in touch with Anthem United States of Beauty’s disinfectant wipe private and white label manufacturer today if you’d like to learn more about how you can use our services to manufacture disinfectant wipes for your brand. We can manufacture disinfectant wipes for both private label brands and white label brands with ease. Call us at (973) 779-1982 today to learn more about our disinfectant wipe manufacturing process.

How to Manufacture Disinfectant Wipes for Private Label and White Label Companies

To manufacture antibacterial wipes for your private label or white label brand, use the manufacturing services of a company that can assure expediency and cost-effectiveness. For companies that would like to boast that their products are made in the United States, Anthem United States of Beauty is a great choice – all of our products are made in our facilities in New Jersey and Miami.

Clients value the disinfectant wipe manufacturing services of Anthem United States of Beauty because we have the ability to manufacture disinfectant wipes quickly. We’re aware of how important it is for clients to adhere to production timelines, and we do everything we can to help clients get their hand antibacterial wipe products to consumers as quickly as possible. Our disinfectant wipe manufacturing process allows clients to have control over the outcomes of their products at every stage in the process, which reduces the need for unnecessary or time-consuming steps.

Anthem United States of Beauty’s disinfectant wipe manufacturing services are also appreciated by clients because they stay within budget limitations for both white label and private label brands. Since the cost of manufacturing disinfectant wipes can depend on so many factors (such as the size of the order, the ingredients used in the disinfectant wipe, and the type of packaging used to store the wipes), clients can tailor each step of the disinfectant wipe manufacturing process to match their goals and budgetary needs. When it comes to formulating the product, clients can either choose to use and adjust a formula that already exists, or they can rely on our skilled chemists to create an entirely new chemical formula. Clients also have options regarding product packaging – they can package their disinfectant wipes in a simple package or a more thoughtfully designed package that allows consumers to access multiple antibacterial wipes at once.

The Disinfectant Wipe White and Private Label Manufacturing Process

Anthem United States of Beauty offers clients a customizable disinfectant wipe manufacturing process. Private label and white label brands have the freedom to choose only the antibacterial wipe manufacturing services they need and none of the services they don’t need.

We value our communication with our clients. To ensure that we fully understand our clients’ needs and expectations, we hold consultations with clients during which our team of skin care specialists meets with client representatives to discuss the disinfecting wipe product they want to manufacture and the time and budget they have to work with.

As soon as we understand the wet wipe product your company wants to manufacture, we can begin formulating the right product for you. If our clients request it, we can also do testing on products to ensure that they’re chemically and physically stable and safe for use by consumers in every part of the country.

During the manufacturing part of our process, we’ll physically produce the disinfectant wipes our clients request according to their specifications. Since all of our manufacturing is done in our state-of-the-art facilities in New Jersey and Miami, our clients have the advantage of claiming that their products are made in the United States.

Manufacturing Disinfectant Wipes for Different Uses

Disinfectant wipes are used by people across the United States every day. One way to use them is to cleanse germs and viruses from hands. Washing hands with soap and warm water is the best way to clean your hands, but when soap and water aren’t available (such as in a car or at the grocery store), using a disinfecting wipe is the next best thing.

Another way to use disinfectant wipes is to disinfect surfaces. Phones, keyboards, light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, steering wheels, and other objects that are touched frequently can carry a lot of germs and transmit them to others. These surfaces can all be disinfected easily with the use of an antibacterial wipe. Consumers buy disinfectant wipes not only because they’re effective at killing germs and preventing the spread of illnesses but because they’re convenient, portable, disposable, and unlikely to irritate the skin.

How Disinfectant Wipes Can Benefit Your Private Label or White Label Brand

Americans are using disinfectant wipes more than ever before. You can let your consumers know your brand cares about their health and the health of their family by manufacturing a disinfectant wipe with the help of Anthem United States of Beauty. We can add disinfectant wipes to your product line of other cleaning products, skincare products, or other products with our white label and private label production facilities.

Private + White Label Disinfectant Wipe Manufacturer Serving the US

If your private label or white label brand wants to manufacture disinfectant wipes, get in touch with Anthem United States of Beauty today. Disinfectant wipes are needed by people across the United States, so act quickly to begin the disinfectant wipe manufacturing process. Call Anthem United States of Beauty’s disinfectant wipe private and white label manufacturer today at (973) 779-1982.