Eye Masks

Long-Term Benefits. One-Time Use.

Under the leadership of company president, Raj Prakash, Anthem has established itself as a global leader in the disposable skin care and cosmetics industry. Some of Anthem’s most popular products are facial masks, but some of the fastest-growing and in-demand facial mask products are single-use eye masks. We can help your business capitalize on the increasing popularity of eye masks within North American and international markets, offering streamlined solutions designed to help save you money while enhancing quality, speed to market and ultimately, profitability.

As Unique as Our Clients’ Needs: What Makes Anthem Eye Masks Unique?

Our private label eye masks are crafted by industry-leading experts using globally-sourced ingredients and cutting-edge automation technology. This promotes greater speed, accuracy, and consistency between production runs. Instead of having to deal with numerous vendors, Anthem partners only deal with a single testing laboratory, production facility, or point of contact for customer support.

From the time a product is envisioned to the time the finished product hits online sellers or store shelves for purchase we are equipped to handle every detail on-site.

A Look at Our Products: Private Label Eye Masks

We are a comprehensive private label supplier for all types of eye mask products. Types of eye masks that we can design, package, and manufacture include best-selling products like:

Eye masks for dark circles
Eye mask for men
Eye masks for puffy eyes

Eye masks for sleeping and overnight eye masks
Eye masks for wrinkles
Korean eye masks

Molded eye masks
Under eye masks