Korean Eye Masks

Domestic Production. International Appeal.

Compete against the Korean beauty products market – without the cost and inconvenience of taking your brand overseas. With Anthem at the helm of your private label Korean eye mask production, your skin care company can achieve quick turnaround land on store shelves faster. Plus, since we use only the most efficacious, high quality ingredients, you get products that are globally sourced but manufactured domestically.

As Unique as Your Clients’ Needs: Private Label Korean Eye Masks

We offer nimble, agile strategies that are tailored to our partners. We’re flexible enough to accommodate those who wish to launch new product lines or those who wish to expand upon an existing one.

Some of our partners have in-house product development teams of their own and look to us primarily for our expertise in packaging and manufacturing Korean facial masks. Other partners prefer to engage in a start-to-finish turnkey solution. Our unique start-to-finish approach enables companies of all sizes to save time and money by handling every step of product development and production at our U.S. facilities.

With efficient production, quality ingredients, scientific expertise, and industry understanding, we are the value-driven solution for all of your Korean eye mask supply needs.

A Look at Our Products: Korean Eye Masks

We are a comprehensive private label supplier for all types of eye mask products. Types of eye masks that we can design, package, and manufacture include best-selling products like:

Korean eye masks for dark circles
Korean eye masks for puffiness and bag removal

Korean eye masks for wrinkles
Korean under eye masks (targeted treatments)