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Anthem supplies a broad selection of men’s and women’s facial toners to beauty and skin care brands all over the globe. Our extensive library of serums and formulations allows us to rapidly build out existing product lines or work with our partners to design new and groundbreaking products. Regardless of which market or segment the product is intended for, our partners can expect agile, responsive solutions that are designed to utilize speedy turnaround and to-market times, increase profits, and outmaneuver competitors in a fast-paced industry.

As Unique as our clients’ needs: Anthem Face Toners



Some clients seek a select component of services, while others prefer to engage in a complete start-to-finish agreement that brings a product all the way from conceptualization to launch. We begin each engagement with an in-depth consultation to put you on the right path.



Out expert chemists bring a deep understanding of ingredient availability, uses, interactions, and efficacy,. This allows us to leverage a library of highly customizable products to formulate AHA and BHA toners that work as advertised.



Organizations that prefer to have the development, manufacturing, and packaging process handled externally can utilize Anthem as a “one-stop shop.” This conveniently eliminates both complexities and cost.



We offer an unparalleled variety of in-house packaging solutions for face toner, so our partners don’t need to waste time or money finding additional vendors. We are the only US-based company that can offer the full spectrum of product packaging on industry-leading timelines.



By thinking creatively, harnessing powerful technology, and drawing upon years of industry experience, we make it our goal to surpass expectations. At Anthem, we are known not only for superior quality, but superior customer service and support.

As Unique as our clients’ needs: Anthem Face Toners

We have honed to perfection our ability to create or customize gentle, efficacious skin toners for a variety of skin care needs, utilizing natural, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients depending on project objectives. We can help your organization plan and execute each stage of product development and creation, from formulation and testing to manufacturing and packaging. Alternately, we can work with your team to enhance and expand on your current product lines for facial toners, providing you with actionable expertise shaped by our track record of success in the disposable skin care industry.

While we utilize globally-sourced ingredients, our products are always tested, packaged, and manufactured in the United States. This enables our partners to advertise facial toners as “made in the US” – and in the process, creates invaluable opportunities to connect with consumers who prefer domestically-produced beauty products. With competitive pricing and speed-to-market, Anthem Beauty is the clear choice for both new and established beauty companies worldwide.

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Whether your organization aims to expand on a popular line of toner products or needs assistance developing and executing a plan to launch a new product, Anthem can be your trusted partner.

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