Facial Cleansers for Men

Because Men Care about their skin too.

Anthem is one of the premier B2B suppliers of skin care and single-use cosmetic products for brands throughout the world. Because Anthem keeps everything from conception/formulation through fulfillment under one roof, we’re uniquely positioned to provide our partners with our renowned expertise in every stage of the product manufacturing and packaging process.

Within our cleanser product category, facial cleansers for men are quickly becoming some of our most popular offerings. Whether we are working with our partners to design brand-new men’s cleansers or are expanding an existing product line, our objective is to ensure the timely and cost-efficient fulfillment of any project – no matter how routine or involved.

Skincare & Cosmetics Created Efficiently



We start with a consultation to learn more about each client’s goals, preferences, vision and resources. Factors like the desired target market segment and product volume lead us to a custom plan.



Next, we formulate the product based on client specifications for ingredients, packaging, and design. Depending on whether the project involves a new or existing product line, we follow different steps to maximize efficiency and value.



The highest quality ingredients. Cutting-edge technology. Proven processes that deliver. By keeping everything in-house, we’re able to offer our partners more control over the process and unparalleled speed to market.



Where and how the product will be sold? How the product will be applied? Will the product come in more than one size, scent, or variety? We address all of the details necessary to get customers the products they want and deliver our clients the revue they desire.



Getting your new facial cleanser where it needs to be -literally- is the final step to realizing new revenue. Anthem provides expert guidance and support not just in development, but through product launch and beyond. Your expectations —delivered.

What Makes Anthem’s Facial Cleansers for Men Unique?

Anthem face cleansers for men are made using only the finest of ingredients, which are globally sourced by our experienced team of knowledgeable in-house chemists and researchers. While our ingredients are culled from all over the planet, our products are always tested, packaged, and manufactured at our U.S. facilities. This enables our partners to advertise products as “made in the U.S.” – a major selling point for the increasingly broad slice of the consumer market that prefers to buy domestically.

Our products are also unique in terms of the sheer volume of options and customizations we make available to our partners. We maintain an extensive library featuring thousands of unique, tested-as-safe, and effective base serums and formulations. This enables us to quickly match or design virtually any type of men’s cleanser to meet our partners’ needs and specifications.

Types of Men’s Facial Cleansers We Supply and Manufacture

We can test, formulate, compound, produce, package, and manufacture a wide array of facial cleansers for men of all ages and skin types. Types of men’s face cleansers we are equipped to produce, or can provide detailed consulting and expertise around, include the following:

Men’s Detox cleansers
Men’s cleansers for dry skin
Men’s Soothing Cleansers
Men’s Age defense cleansers
Men’s Natural and vegan facial cleansers
Men’s facial cleansers for oily skin