Where to Get Your Own Korean Face Masks Made


Recent years have seen an explosion in the popularity of a relatively new type of beauty product known by a few different names, usually as “Korean face masks” (which is a bit of a misleader in terms of terminology) or sheet masks. These masks have become wildly popular because of their ability to quickly clear out your pores, freshen your skin, and leave you looking shiny and new. This can all take place in about half an hour and at the cost of only a few dollars.

Some confusion still remains as to exactly what constitutes a “Korean” face or sheet mask. Some intrepid entrepreneurs or emerging beauty brands may even want to know how they can have their own face masks made. We are going to outline what constitutes a “Korean” face mask and how to start a skincare line with some of your very own.

What is a Korean Sheet Mask and How Do I Use One?

Though they are widely known as Korean face or sheet masks, the reality is that these products can be made anywhere in the world. The “Korean” designation was first attached to the name of these masks because they were originally conceived and produced in South Korea, which is also where they first gained popularity. 

Typically, these products come in a small package holding a single sheet mask. Opening one such packet will reveal a mask – usually made of cotton microfiber or a jelly-like substance called hydrogel – soaked in a serum. The mask should have holes cut out to accommodate your eyes, nostrils and mouth; simply line up the holes with the corresponding facial features and gently press the mask onto your face to apply it, making sure to smooth it out for an even application. Any excess serum in the package can be saved and used on hydrate problem areas on your body – elbows, knees, hands, etc.

The mask should only stay on for 20 to 30 minutes (the packaging on your particular product should have specific directions regarding this) and then should be carefully removed by peeling in from the edges of the mask. Do not rip the mask off, as this could damage your skin.

Making Your Own Korean Face – Do not do it at home

As with many types of beauty products, a number of at-home methods have appeared online offering ways to create your own sheet masks. Many of these do-it-yourself masks use common household materials and claim to have the same effects. They tend to be loosely based on a product you would buy from a traditional retailer, such as a charcoal mask, and are promoted in YouTube videos and blogs.

One example of a popular DIY face mask uses liquid glue and charcoal dust to grip the skin and pull impurities out of your pores. If that doesn’t sound downright dangerous, you may want to read that again.  The glue will certainly stick to your skin, and while it theoretically could remove impurities from your pores, it could also tear off layers of healthy skin in a painful attempt to save a few dollars. The end effect is inflammation, irritation and damaged skin – the exact opposite of the intended effect. In short, homemade face masks are a poor substitute for the real thing.  The end result – don’t make your own face masks at home.

Where to Get Your Own Sheet Masks Made

Because Korean face masks don’t actually need to be made in South Korea, anyone interested in having their own masks made can turn to companies around the world or here in America. Working directly with a custom skin care product manufacturers carries a number of advantages: for starters, they can work with you to formulate products that address the specific goal you’re looking for, whether that be hydration, exfoliation, a simple freshening of the face.

You can also customize things like the packaging, the size of the order and the branding of the product to create a unique, personalized beauty solution that you can then market and sell. Working with a U.S.-based company like Anthem Beauty gives the added benefit of letting you stamp your goods with a traditional “Made in the USA” logo that will appeal to domestic consumers of all backgrounds.

Choose Anthem Beauty for All Your Beauty Product Manufacturing Needs

Over more than a decade in business, Anthem United States of Clean Beauty has built a reservoir of knowledge and expertise geared toward providing flexible beauty product manufacturing options. With facilities in New Jersey and Florida specializing in a wide variety of products – including sheet masks, eye masks, makeup remover wipes, creams, ointments, and much more – Anthem has the experience, staff and equipment to craft exactly what you’re looking for. To discuss your perfect beauty product and how Anthem can make it a reality, call (973) 779-1982 today.