How Do You Make a Disinfectant Wipe Solution?


To create the best, most effective disinfectant wipe, it is critical to have the right solution. The liquid contained inside every disinfectant wipe’s canister is the heart of your product. As such, it is essential to pay close attention to how this component is made. You may ask yourself how is a disinfectant wipe solution made. As you will see through this article, the solution used to add disinfecting moisture to wipes is not something you should create on your own. Instead, this product should be handled by a professional. Our private label wet wipe manufacturers at Anthem United States of Beauty explain.

How is a Disinfectant Wipe Solution Made?

Disinfectant wipes are one of those items many people depend on, but few understand how they are manufactured. When the notorious coronavirus hit the U.S., disinfectant wipes were among the first items to disappear from all store shelves. Many people in need of this product looked for ways to make their wipes. However, this DIY approach has proven to be not only risky but also dangerous. Disinfectant wipes are produced in controlled environments, maintained in order to ensure this product is handled adequately, following strict quality control and manufacturing guidelines.

If you want to sell this specific product, it is essential to understand that disinfectant wipes should be handled by a company that is an EPA registered facility and with experience manufacturing them. One of the most important things to consider when manufacturing disinfectant wipes is their solution. The disinfectant solution inside the canister, often referred to as the Quat, that moisturizes all the wipes must be created considering many different variables.

All of the steps involved in creating, balancing, and controlling the chemical compounds used to create a disinfectant solution cannot be replicated outside a controlled space. First, the solution must be made using different ingredients. Once the ingredients have been selected, they must be carefully measured and optimized to improve their synergy. Once the formula has been created, it is then tested using different textiles to match the solution, to ensure that the solution remains effective with no decrease in performance once applied to wipe material.  The testing protocols are rigorous and standardized in order to ultimately supply to the EPA for their approval process.  This approval process once completed and granted shows that the solution meets and performs to the EPA standards and has the effectiveness it is claiming. Once approved, the solution is then used by EPA registered facilities such as Anthem to incorporate in to the production process.  Meeting the required amount of liquid to wipes ratio. All of these steps are done under strict quality control and should be handled by an experienced manufacturer. Our partners trust our years of experience manufacturing disinfectant wipes, and we can work professionally to create yours.

Why Should a Disinfectant Wipe Solution be Handled by a Professional?

As we mentioned, trying to recreate a disinfecting wipe formula can be risky and should not be handled by untrained, inexperienced hands. There are different reasons for this. The first reason why a professional manufacturer should handle a disinfectant wipe solution is quality control. We mentioned this fact at the beginning of this article. There is a critical reason for it. Without the controlled, dedicated, and EPA registered facility used to create this solution, there would be a great chance of ineffective, non compliant solutions.

We have seen things like guidelines from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to create a “DIY disinfectant wipe.” While the intention behind their guidelines may be good, the result for many could be dangerous. Not everyone reads guidelines as they should or has a dedicated space to ensure they produce a sterile, functional, and safe product. Trusting the creation of your disinfectant wipes to a professional is your safest, most reliable option.

Many people think about creating a solution but pay little to no attention to what is supposed to happen after. Once the solution is created, it must be paired with a specific textile type for it to work. Otherwise, the solution may not be effective; it could dry out or become a dangerous substance. Additionally, you need to consider the type of packaging used to keep all wipes moist, safe, and secure. If you don’t have an adequate canister or flow pack used for this specific product, you will not have an effective product.

An important thing to keep in mind is your product’s shelf life. There is an expiration date marked on each and every canister and flow pack as soon as they come out of the manufacturing line. This is done to let the consumer know the product’s useful life and the best date by which to use their product. This is done as a safety measure. This is something that can be done by professionals who can measure a disinfectant wipe’s useful life when creating its solution. Again, this cannot be replicated outside a controlled space. That is why our partners trust our work. We can take care of your product’s production phases and make sure it complies with quality and legal regulations.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Disinfectant Wipe Solution?

Getting your wipes designed, formulated, and manufactured can be an important consideration. Some industries are currently looking to fulfil large orders of disinfecting wipes, and getting your product to market quickly can help you start to grow sales for your new disinfecting wipe products. Our private label disinfecting wipe manufacturers can help give you an idea during your consultation about how long it will take to start producing your product and how long it will take to get to market – and how long it will take to restock your supply between batches.

Our Private Label Manufacturer Can Help You Develop Your Disinfectant Wipe Solution

If you are looking to create an effective, functional, and exceptional disinfectant wipe, we can help. Our private label manufacturers at Anthem United States of Beauty have extensive experience creating this kind of product. We can sit with you during an initial consultation and listen to your needs. From there, it is all about taking advantage of our turnkey process. We will take care of all steps used to create your product. Trust in our decades of experience. Call Anthem today to see how we can help you with your disinfectant wipe solution. Our phone number is (973) 779-1982.