How to Properly Use Makeup Remover Wipes


Among all the beauty products designed to make people’s lives easier, the makeup remover wipe is probably the most essential. These single-use wipes can be a godsend at the end of a long day, when all you want to do is climb into bed without having to engage in a whole makeup removal routine. Instead, these wipes allow you to eliminate even the most stubborn products, from simple foundation to waterproof mascara, in a matter of seconds.

Despite their ease of use, makeup remover wipes are sometimes incorrectly used by those who are more concerned with convenience than cleanliness. Read on while the beauty product manufacturing experts at Anthem United States of Beauty explain how to properly use makeup remover wipes.

What Are Makeup Remover Wipes?

Simply put, makeup remover wipes are exactly what they sound like – towelettes soaked in a solution aimed at dissolving and wiping away makeup quickly and efficiently. Conventional wisdom calls for those using makeup to thoroughly clean their face before going to bed – an important step for anyone who wants to avoid breakouts or smeared pillows. This process takes time, however, and many people are understandably keen on resting at the end of their day; wiping away makeup can seem like a burden when you’re tired from working or going out.

This is where makeup remover wipes really shine: they require virtually no preparation, and they’re very intuitive to use. Simply remove a wipe from the package – they usually come in packs of 30 – and use it to clean the makeup off your face. Try not to rub too hard, as this can irritate the skin; otherwise, the process is quite simple. These products have the added benefit of removing any dirt or grime that has built up over the course of the day, and some have added moisturizing or exfoliating benefits, depending on the kind you purchase.

How Makeup Remover Wipes Work

Although using these wipes requires little effort or instruction, there are some simple, recommended actions you can take that will make them more effective without adding much work. One of the issues with these products is that, with their focus on makeup removal, convenience, and ease of use, they aren’t intended to replace the cleansing step in an effective skin care routine.  They actually become part of the daily routine as they are the perfect way to get the makeup gone and ready the skin for what is to come.  Though perfect for on the go cleansing when no water is available, and for the occasional late night where completing your full skin care routine just isn’t going to happen, fully effective cleansing is still better left to products such as a foaming face wash

Some makeup remover wipes can leave a layer of residue behind after their use that can have a similar effect to the makeup itself: it can block pores, causing breakouts and general irritation. This is because, while most makeup remover wipes contain chemicals that help dissolve and lift makeup and dead skin, they can only remove as much of the grime as the wipe itself can physically capture. For comparison, think about cleaning up a spill using a paper towel. You usually need a few towels to absorb the mess.  The same principle applies here.

Additionally, those same chemicals that this type of wipe uses to break down makeup – solvents, emulsifiers, alcohol, and surfactants, plus the preservatives used to keep the wipes fresh – can remain on the skin long after you have thrown away the wipe. These can further dry out or irritate the sensitive skin on your face, again causing the opposite of the intended effect. By ensuring you are using a quality product made with skin benefitting ingredients in a no-rinse format and by adding one or two quick steps after using a makeup remover wipe, you can drastically increase their effectiveness. At Anthem United States of Beauty our make up remover solutions have added ingredients to hydrate and protect the skin’s surface.  We formulate our products without alcohol, chlorine, sulfates, phthalates and petrochemicals.

How to Use Makeup Remover Wipes Correctly

One of the easiest and most practical tips for using makeup remover wipes is simply to rinse your face with water or follow with a gentle cleanser after the makeup is gone. This will help to wash away any residue that remains on the surface of the skin in a matter of seconds. In effect, the makeup remover wipes and cleansing step serves as a one-two punch; the wipes break down the makeup, lifting it away from the skin so that the cleanser can carry it away along with any other surface debris.

For those with sensitive skin, a helpful recommendation is to avoid using wipes that contain fragrances, as they can be an unnecessary irritant to sensitive skin. Also, if you have dry or combination skin, consider using a moisturizing face lotion after you cleanse post makeup remover wipe. Those with eczema or rosacea should try to limit the use of facial wipes to eye makeup and lip color removal as the wipes may irritate the skin around the forehead and cheek area on those with these underlying complexion conditions.

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