How to Get a Beauty Product Manufactured


Whether you’re making your brand’s first product or expanding your range, getting a beauty product manufactured properly can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be, especially when you choose the right manufacturer.

Before getting a beauty product manufactured, you should figure out a few things. What does your brand stand for? Who is your client? Once you’ve answered those questions, you can choose a manufacturer. Private label manufacturers offer choice and involvement to clients, along with experience. Then the real manufacturing process can begin, during which products are formulated, produced, packaged, and distributed.

Anthem United States of Beauty acts as a one-stop-shop for beauty brands wanting to manufacture products. Our team can formulate innovative products and oversee distribution for your beauty brand. To learn more about the private label manufacturers of beauty products at Anthem United States of Beauty, visit our website or call today at (973) 779-1982.

What to Do Before You Get a Beauty Product Manufactured

Before you can start getting your beauty products manufactured, there are a few steps to take. Creating the products themselves is exciting, but it’s necessary to lay a strong foundation so your brand can succeed. Making a business plan, choosing an ideal customer, and setting your values are essential before you get a beauty product manufactured.

Make a Business Plan

Getting a beauty product manufactured is one thing, but if you don’t have a strong brand behind it, it may not succeed in the marketplace. Creating a business plan is important so your new beauty products can thrive and be marketed to customers successfully. Take a moment to consider your brand’s voice and its objectives.

Select a Customer

Choosing an ideal customer is important when manufacturing any product. Brands can find success when they create a beauty product designed for a specific person. Think about what person would best respond to your brand and your beauty products, and then cater your manufacturing processes and products to that person.

Set Your Values

It’s important to decide what your brand is and what it stands for before the manufacturing process begins. If your intended customer base would respond best to organic ingredients or cruelty-free practices, adopt both values before you get your beauty products manufactured.

How to Find a Beauty Product Manufacturer

Finding a beauty product manufacturer that meets your beauty brand’s standards may not be easy at first. Depending on your needs, you may want different things as your brand grows. A well-rounded manufacturer should easily meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Beauty products are created by a manufacturer. However, not all manufacturers are the same. For example, private label manufacturers, like Anthem United States of Beauty, encourage creativity and uniqueness. While beauty brands can tweak existing formulas held in an extensive database, they can also create brand-new formulas with the help of experienced chemists.

When finding a beauty product manufacturer, that is what to look for. One that gives you options and offers solutions. Experience and knowledge can go far in the manufacturing process for beauty products.

Another appealing characteristic of private label manufacturers, like Anthem United States of Beauty, is convenience. Instead of hopping from one service to the next, your brand can complete each stage in the manufacturing process with one team. You won’t have to use multiple services from formulation to distribution to get your beauty product manufactured.

What’s the Process to Get a Beauty Product Manufactured?

The manufacturing process can begin once you meet with a beauty product manufacturer, like Anthem United States of Beauty. But what does that process look like for your brand, and what can you expect?


During the first step in the manufacturing process, your brand and your manufacturer will sit down to brainstorm. This is the time to really voice your opinions and assert your brand’s values. A private label manufacturer for beauty products, like Anthem United States of Beauty, should be receptive to your ideas and offer solutions to problems. Talk about your goals, ideas, and any concerns you may have.

Beauty brands shouldn’t hold back during this stage. After all, your beauty products are a reflection of your brand. These first discussions are crucial for the result to be what you desire.


Formulation is one of the most essential steps in manufacturing a beauty product. Your brand can work closely with experienced chemists to create a unique formula during this time. Brands can also improve upon existing formulas, should they choose. While formulating and testing your beauty products, you will have a lot of decisions to make. Private label manufacturers offer beauty brands many choices and guidance when manufacturing products.

Choosing ingredients is one of those big decisions. During the formulation stage, be curious about high-quality ingredients. If remaining organic and cruelty-free is essential to the ethos of your brand, say so. Private label manufacturers of beauty products, like Anthem United States of Beauty, offer access to high-quality natural ingredients coupled with vegan practices.


Once production happens, your brand will have decided on a formula for your new beauty products. This process is relatively straightforward. However, depending on your manufacturer, their practices may differ. Private label manufacturers offer transparency to clients during this time, so your brand stays up to date on production happenings.


When it’s time to package a new beauty product, your brand can work with skilled designers to create packaging that matches your brand’s aesthetic. Packaging is an essential part of the manufacturing process but may be overlooked by less thorough manufacturers. Packaging is not always a priority by all beauty product manufacturers, so that’s important to look for when choosing a manufacturer.


The final stage in getting a beauty product manufacturing is distribution. Private label manufacturers of beauty products, like Anthem United States of Beauty, offer complete manufacturing services, including distribution. That simplifies the manufacturing process for beauty brands, streamlining the distribution of your new beauty products.

Partner with Anthem United States of Beauty to Get Your Beauty Products Manufactured

Manufacturing beauty products for your brand calls for careful oversight and dedication on behalf of your manufacturer. To learn more about how the private label manufacturers of beauty products at Anthem United States of Beauty can help your brand, visit us online or call today at (973) 779-1982.