How to Package Disinfectant Wipes


Today more than ever, thousands of people are looking for products that can help them disinfect surfaces to fight off viruses like coronavirus. Most consumers turn to disinfectant wipes, which have gained significant steam over the last year. You may want to provide this essential product to your customers and meet the high demand for this specific item. In order to create a high-quality EPA registered product, you need to meet particular standards, including adequate packaging. You may not have the means to formulate, create, and package your disinfectant wipes. This is why our team of private label disinfectant wipe manufacturers can help you with this process. Anthem United States of Beauty invites you to keep reading as we explain more about your disinfectant wipes’ production and packaging.

How Are Disinfectant Wipes Packaged?

Disinfectant wipes are products that require a specific packaging method. The reason behind this is that these wipes must be tightly packed, protected, and kept in a way that preserves their moisture. If wipes are packaged incorrectly, they may dry out which leaves them ineffective. Additionally, a poorly packaged disinfectant wipe can lead to leakage. To provide your customers with a safe, reliable disinfectant wipe, you must make sure you are selecting the proper packaging. However, you may wonder how disinfectant wipes are actually packaged.

You may have seen different ways this product is manufactured and packaged. One of the most common ways disinfectant wipes are kept is inside high-density polyethylene plastic canisters, referred to as HDPE canisters. This medium size (40 oz. to 44 oz.) is ideal for packing a high volume of disinfectant wipes or sheets in a tubular shape. Additionally, this canister’s physical constitution and profile prevent air – and any pollutants carried by air – from penetrating and contaminating the wipes.

Another method used to package disinfectant wipes is in soft packs or flow pack packaging. Typically, the package’s plastic density is several centimeters thick, allowing a safe space for the wipes. These softer, smaller foot print packages are ideal for taking disinfecting wipes where ever the consumer needs. The soft packs also offer more units per shelf in a retail environment.

Packaging disinfectant wipes requires special equipment and trained personnel. If you lack the industrial equipment used to manufacture and package disinfecting wipes, you cannot make them. That is why many companies depend on private or white label services provided by companies such as Anthem United States of Beauty.

What Happens if I Select the Wrong Packaging for My Disinfectant Wipes?

Selecting the appropriate packaging for your disinfectant wipes is essential. The last thing you’d want is to invest in a product that may spoil due to a poor packaging selection. The solution used to soak every sheet inside the wipe’s canister or flow pack is carefully formulated and created to respond to a safe environment. If this solution is exposed to things like excess heat, air, or if the packaging doesn’t seal correctly, it can spoil and dry out. This can be detrimental for two important reasons.

First, you want to provide your customers with a product that works as intended. If you cannot meet your customers’ demands, your product’s – and your brand’s – reputation may be at risk. Additionally, if you do not get the quality packaging required to keep your disinfectant wipes secure and they get damaged and become useless, you may put your investment at risk.

This makes it essential to hire the services of a manufacturer with experience handling disinfectant wipe production. Anthem United States of Beauty understands the process used in the formulation, manufacturing, and packaging of disinfectant wipes. We work alongside our partners to make sure we get every part of your product’s creation right.

How is a Disinfectant Wipe Created and Packaged?

As we mentioned, you can’t create these products on your own. For this reason, many other partners have trusted our turnkey process to make excellent disinfectant wipes. We initiate the process by sitting down with you and going through an initial consultation. During this time, we talk about your priorities, ideas for creating your product, and selecting the ingredients to be used in the next step.

The second step in your disinfectant wipe’s production is the choosing the right package format and wipe count. Generally, we provide you with the options that best suite the intended use to ensure to make the best wipe possible for your clients. Our team of experts in wipe manufacturing will guide you thru each step.

Once you have selected the format that best suits your needs, we can proceed to your product’s production phase. This is the moment where our team of professionals works to make and package your product in their finalized format. This is a critical step during manufacturing. We pay close attention to how every canister and flow pack is filled to make sure they comply with all safety and legal regulations. Additionally, we make sure your product meets your expectations.

It is essential to trust in a manufacturer that understands the process employed to make disinfectant wipes and can provide you with the product you are looking for. Do not entrust your product to untrained, inexperienced hands. Make sure to contact us so you can get your disinfectant wipes on time. Anthem United States of Beauty can help you with all of these matters.

We are a Private Label Disinfectant Wipes Manufacturer

If you are a U.S.-based business looking to create high-quality disinfecting wipes, we can help. Anthem United States of Beauty is an EPA registered facility which has extensive experience handling the  creation of quality disinfecting wipes. Our team of professionals has decades of combined experience, allowing us to provide you with the professional services you require. As we mentioned, properly packaging your disinfecting wipes is essential. We have all of the equipment and personnel needed to get the job done. To learn more about all of our private label manufacturing services, call Anthem United States of Beauty today at (973) 779-1982.