How Do I Start a Beauty Brand?


Beauty lovers with an eye for entrepreneurialism often dream about creating a beauty brand that offers quality products to beauty lovers like them. Creating a beauty brand modeled after your own values can allow you to have control over what you bring into the world while earning a profit at the same time.

When starting a beauty brand, there are a few steps to take. First, you should create a business plan. Formulate your business and decide its values. From there, your beauty brand should identify a target customer and begin brainstorming products that meet their needs. Your beauty brand can then create innovative formulas with a trusted manufacturer. Working with a private label manufacturer can help you with each step in starting a beauty brand, from formulation to distribution.

By following certain steps and employing the use of a dependable beauty product manufacturer such as Anthem United States of Beauty, beauty lovers can make their dream of having their own brand a reality. To learn more about how the private label manufacturers at Anthem United States of Beauty can help your new beauty brand, visit our website or call today at (973) 779-1982.

Starting a Beauty or Makeup Brand

Starting a beauty brand doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you take it step by step. It comes down to three major stages: finalizing a plan, developing a brand and products, and promoting and selling those products.

Create a Business Plan

The process of starting a beauty brand begins by deciding on how you are going to position and market your products (i.e., your “plan”.). Included in your business plan will be the intent of your brand, the problems it is trying to solve, and research on the market and target demographic of customers. You’ll have to understand the marketplace, identify what is missing from it, what customers want, and who those customers are.

Coming up with a plan will also require you to understand the industry regulations, taking into account what it will take to make a safe and effective product. There are regulations in place that determine what a product can contain, how a product should be tested, and how it can be packaged and marketed. Our experience can help guide you through all that is required.

Set Your Values

The next step in the process of creating a beauty brand is to decide on the fundamental values of your brand or what is referred to as your brand story. Decide which products you want to create and whether you want to create specific lines oriented towards a niche of the industry. You’ll have to be aware of what customers want and how you can serve their needs while keeping up with industry trends.

This step will also require developing formulas for products, which is where talented and experienced chemists come in to play. Whether you’re improving upon a tried-and-true formula for a product, such as those you will find in Anthem United States of Beauty’s extensive turnkey library, or looking to create something entirely new, an experienced chemist can compose a formula for a product that will be the basis of your brand.

Run Tests

Once the products are developed, you’ll need to start the beauty product testing process. The products will undergo tests on physical stability, chemical stability, and microbiology stability to ensure that will not harm manufacturers, retailers, or consumers when they come in contact with the product. Finally, the products would be manufactured and packaged. Anthem United States of Beauty has two high-tech facilities located in New Jersey and Florida where we manufacturer skincare products daily.

Start Selling

The final step in the creation of a beauty brand is promoting and selling the products. For this, you will probably have to use the help of designers and marketers. This is when the brand becomes a real entity that can interact with customers. You’ll have to find methods to get retailers to sell the product while coming up with creative ways for customers to see and learn about them.

Business Formation for a Beauty Brand

When starting any business, it’s important to do so properly. Depending on your goals for your beauty brand, you may choose to formulate a specific type of business. Understanding business formation is essential for beauty entrepreneurs just starting out.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship means that you are starting a beauty product line independently. You run it, as one person, which allows you to streamline operations and make decisions. As a beauty brand owner, you would have complete control throughout the business. While this means you can enjoy the successes of your beauty product line, you are also liable for business debts and other potential roadblocks.


To formulate a business through a partnership, you and another co-owner would work together to create your beauty brand. This can be a great option, especially if you and your partner have similar visions for your products. However, it means you are dependent on another person to make decisions and ensure the success of your beauty brand.


When just beginning your beauty product line, starting a corporation may be more trouble than it’s worth. Of course, it reduces your financial involvement, somewhat separating you from your beauty brand’s finances. Corporations involve more people than other business formations, which may be preferable or not, depending on your brand.

Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company (LLC) allows more leeway for business owners without exposing them to significant risks. An LLC can be preferable when just starting your beauty brand, as it separates you as an owner from your business while also offering attractive perks.

How to Select Your Customer for a Beauty Brand

Identifying a specific customer for your beauty product line is essential. As you create products for an individual, you can build a stronger base of customers dedicated to your brand’s beauty products. So, how can you begin to select your ideal customer for a beauty brand?

When developing a beauty product line, think about who relates most to your products. What is their age? What are their interests? What about their favorite colors or hobbies? Where do they work?

Thinking in-depth about the specifics of the person you’re marketing your beauty products to can make your brand more successful. That’s because you are directly developing products that speak to a key demographic. Customers may positively respond to formulas or products created for their specific skin types and correspond with their likes. A private label manufacturer, like Anthem United States of Beauty, can work with your beauty brand to identify who your ideal customer is.

How to Set Your Pricing for a Beauty Brand

Setting pricing for a beauty product line can seem difficult at first. Essentially, markups and pricing should reflect the work and time spent curating and developing products. The better the ingredients used and the higher quality the result, the more expensive your beauty product line can be.

When beauty brands partner with a private label manufacturer, like Anthem United States of Beauty, they gain access to high-quality production practices. Not only do private label manufacturers encourage client involvement, but they also open doors to ethical production practices and better ingredients.

With sustained oversight and the use of prime components, your resulting beauty product line can be priced high. The final price that you offer to your clients will reflect the hard work and dedicated care put into each product in your line.

Informing your customers about all of the work that went into creating your beauty product line can help them understand your pricing. Your ideal customer may be eager to spend the funds necessary to purchase your brand’s beauty products once they know the level of quality. Be reasonable with your pricing, but don’t sell your brand short. Hard work on your behalf throughout the manufacturing process should be reflected in your pricing.

Branding and Packaging for a Beauty Brand

Branding your beauty products right, and designing the best packaging possible, is important. Not only will it help you attract new customers, but it will create cohesion throughout your products and assert your brand’s voice.

Branding is how a beauty brand communicates its message to its customers. Through mission statements, logos, and marketing, your brand can create an image that customers positively respond to. Once you choose your brand image, it’s important to maintain it throughout all products and platforms. A consistent message is crucial, so your brand becomes recognizable. That is the goal of successful branding.

Packaging is included in the branding process. When your beauty brand partners with a private label manufacturer, like Anthem United States of Beauty, it gets access to an experienced design team. Alongside your private label manufacturer, your brand can design cohesive private label packaging that matches your brand’s aesthetic and appeals to your ideal customer.

Understanding Safety and Labeling Laws for a Beauty Brand

Properly labeling your items in your beauty product line is essential. Not only can your brand face legal difficulties if it mislabels products, but it can lose the trust of valued clients. Understanding safety and labeling laws are crucial to helping your beauty product line succeed.

Cosmetics marketed in the United States must meet the labeling requirements of two federal laws: the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. In addition, beauty brands must comply with any additional regulations that the Food and Drug Administration may set.

This is to protect customers from dangerous products or those that may conflict with their beliefs. If you don’t properly label your beauty brand’s products, customers may feel lied to or misguided. Keeping your customers informed is necessary to boost customer loyalty.

The Step by Step Process of Starting a Beauty Product Line

Anthem United States of Beauty is excited to offer their services to those looking to create their own beauty brand. By following industry-established good manufacturing practices (GMP), Anthem United States of Beauty can ensure that burgeoning beauty brands are provided with quality products every step of the way.


The professionals at Anthem United States of Beauty can help clients understand industry requirements, along with detailed information about the costs and timelines involved in creating various products. Beauty brand creators can present our team with problems that they anticipate encountering as part of their production process and receive thoughtful solutions.


Private label manufacturers, like Anthem United States of Beauty, employ chemists and other professionals who can build the product of your dreams from scratch. That may entail custom formulation or helping you build upon any one of the formulations in our existing library of products. Either way, we can help you create your own signature new products that solve customers’ skin care and beauty problems. Our specialists are qualified to formulate an extensive array of beauty products including cleansers, moisturizers, toners, scrubs, sheet masks, mud and charcoal masks, makeup remover wipes, baby wipes, and eye masks. Once the products in your brand are developed, Anthem United States of Beauty will ensure that all testing requirements have been met.


Using high-quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, Anthem United States of Beauty creates products that allow for clients to have maximum control over product outcomes. Anthem United States of Beauty’s products are made using foreign and domestic sourced ingredients and are manufactured in the United States by experts who understand the inner workings of the beauty industry.


Packaging is a crucial part of the production process because it communicates the necessary information and brand image to customers. Customers need to know about the ingredients in their product, how to apply the product, and how the product should be stored, all of which is written on the packaging. Packaging can also communicate the values behind your brand. The packaging engineer and marketing team at Anthem United States of Beauty can help you through the design process to ensure attractive beauty product packaging that tells customers what they need to know about the product and your brand.


Once a product is developed and packaged, it needs to be distributed to the places that will sell it. Private label manufacturers like Anthem United States of Beauty can provide support and guidance as beauty brands launch their products into the world.

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