How to Start Your Own Sheet Mask Product Line


The sheet mask industry is expanding and is expected to grow at a steady rate over the next few years. Whether they’re trying to get involved by learning how to start a skincare line or they simply love sheet masks and want to learn about them, many people are wondering how they can create a sheet mask product line of their own.

The process of starting a sheet mask product line begins by deciding what your sheet masks will do, then finding a skin care manufacturer that can create the products you want to sell, and finally creating a brand that communicates the mission behind the product. Anthem United States of Beauty is a sheet mask manufacturing company that can help aspiring skincare entrepreneurs to figure out how to start a skincare line and create their own sheet mask product lines as well as help existing brands add these increasingly popular products to their existing skincare line. 

Designing a Sheet Mask Product Line

The process of creating a sheet mask product line begins by deciding what kind of products you’d like to provide. Sheet masks can perform a variety of different functions for users. They can be used as antioxidants, detoxifiers, hydrators, purifiers, or soothers and can target different needs and conditions such as wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes, and more. When deciding on which types of sheet masks you want to create, you should choose a mask that tackles the skin issue you are looking to address.

When choosing the type of sheet masks you want to include in your skincare line, you should think carefully about the type of material that the mask will be made of. Manufacturers offer a selection of natural sheet mask materials to clients that can be a part of products that consumers will appreciate. Anthem United States of Beauty offers one of the largest variety of material options for sheet masks such as:

  • Biocellulose sheet mask – Our sheet masks are produced using fermented coconut fruit fibers, which are adept at holding moisture that can then be transferred to your skin. They create a seal around the face, which creates a barrier that can block evaporation of hydration. Furthermore, they are 100% natural and biodegradable.
  • Holographic sheet mask – Holographic masks are laminated, locking serum into the skin while looking truly unique.
  • Gold laminate sheet mask – These sheet masks are sheathed with foil on the outside, which locks in moisture. The inside is made of soft material that is soaked in serum or essence, which seeps into the skin when applied.
  • Charcoal sheet mask – The detoxifying properties of charcoal are applied to sheet masks to draw toxins, chemicals, dirt, oxidants, bacteria, and oils out of the skin. The charcoal in our sheet masks comes from bamboo.
  • Honeycomb patterned sheet mask – Made from Tencel (a fabric similar to cotton made from regeneration of wood pulp) and covered in foil, these masks holds products excellently.
  • Gem sheet mask – These masks are also made of Tencel but are emblazoned with gems, making for an extraordinary self-care experience.

Anthem United States of Beauty also offers masks that target specific areas of the face. These include marionette masks, which target the nasal labia folds (also known as “laugh lines”); neck masks, which target necklines and wrinkles; and under-eye mask patches, which reduce puffiness and decrease the signs of dark circles.

How to Start a Skincare Line With Our sheet mask manufacturer

Anthem United States of Beauty can meet a wide variety of manufacturing needs for skincare product lines. We work in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP), which are guidelines put in place by authorizing agencies to ensure that the products made by a company meet certain quality standards.

With varied options for manufacturing and packaging, our sheet mask manufacturing can accommodate the needs for the production of a product. Anthem employs a staff of talented, industry experienced chemists that can help you create products that solve consumers’ problems in an ethical and effective way, as well as a full turnkey library of products you can modify to suit your specific product needs.

Anthem United States of Beauty can help skincare companies of all sizes throughout every stage of the sheet mask production process. Our process of creating great products comprises several steps:

  1. Consultation – Our experts meet with clients to discuss the requirements and characteristics of the product they intend to create and other elements of sheet mask product development.
  2. Formulation – Team of Chemists work on formulating the products. They may be elaborations on products that already exist, or they may be fully custom products.
  3. Manufacturing – Anthem United States of Beauty creates products in the U.S. using foreign-sourced and domestic sourced ingredients chosen by experts that are well-versed in the beauty industry.
  4. Packaging – Our in-house specialists can design packaging that communicates the product’s brand and mission in an eye-catching way.
  5. Fulfillment – Clients sign off on detailed quotes outlining expenses for services at every step in the production process.

Create Your Own Sheet Mask Company with the Help of Anthem United States of Beauty

With the demand for sheet masks at an all-time high and growing steadily, interest in creating unique sheet masks is higher than ever. Anthem United States of Beauty, a beauty product manufacturer based in New Jersey, wants to help skincare entrepreneurs and existing brands looking to expand into sheet masks fulfill their dreams of creating a product that makes an impact on the skin and lives of their customers. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to start a skincare line and how you can use Anthem Beauty to create your own line of sheet masks. Call (973) 779-1982.