Mud Facial Masks

Centralized Production. Global Appeal.

Anthem is one of the largest turnkey U.S. manufacturers of a wide range of mud facial masks, including masks for purifying, clarifying, detoxifying, soothing, hydrating, and anti-oxidating. Our partners can draw from our extensive library of formulas with their broad variety of ingredients. This enables Anthem to help our partners design brand-new mud mask products, or to expand existing lines with new and enhanced products.

A look at Our Ingredients: Anthem Mud Face Masks

Our team is committed to offering efficacious formulations that work as advertised while being safe and gentle for regular use. We take pride in our ability to create mud facial masks and other skin care products from natural, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients, depending on each client’s unique needs. From testing, compounding, and formulation through manufacturing and packaging design, we deliver dependable, quality products on industry-leading timelines.

Clarifying mud mask
Detoxifying mud mask
Purifying mud mask
Anti-oxidating mud mask
Hydrating mud mask
Soothing mud mask

As Unique as our Clients’ Needs: Anthem Mud Facial Masks

The cosmetics industry is evolving at lightning speed, constantly reshaped by the forces of globalization, automation, and increasingly sophisticated consumer demands. We help our partners overcome all of these challenges, earning Anthem a well-deserved reputation for being an industry leader in the formulation and manufacturing of single use skincare products. Our expertise is especially in-depth in relation to the private label formulation and production of facial masks.

Our team of chemists, designers, and in-house manufacturing experts merge years of industry experience with dedication to scientific integrity in order to translate your vision into a new product line. We can also expand an existing line of mud mask products, using our library of advanced formulations, to help increase brand loyalty and reach more buyers.

A Look at Our Process: Developing, Testing & Manufacturing Mud Facial Masks



We begin each engagement with a comprehensive consultation. This lets us to determine whether the project involves new or existing products, whether the client wants a full-scale engagement or is looking for expertise in a specific area.



Our innovative formulations are developed and tested by skilled and experienced chemists. For existing brands, we offer products in the appropriate format using our serum base; for new brands, we can formulate from scratch.



All of our products are manufactured at our cutting-edge U.S. based facilities. For that reason, our clients can advertise their products as made in the US, which is a major competitive advantage.



Unlike companies that offer only a single variety of packaging, we offer many types of packaging formats. In addition, we work closely with vendors who provide supplemental packaging, further saving time and expense.



From in the lab to on the truck, each client experiences honesty and transparency. Clients also have sign-off control over each stage of the process.