Natural + Vegan

Changing the Face of Beauty

Anthem is an agile private label partner that offers turnkey production solutions to produce natural and effective single use facial masks for beauty and skin care companies around the world. Our vegan face masks make efficient use of proven natural ingredients and serums – while our turnkey process makes efficient use of our partners’ time and budget.

Our services encompass every aspect of product design and creation, including testing, formulation, compounding, packaging, and manufacturing. 

Together, our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allow for industry-leading product turnaround times. This speed-to-market advantage is a critical differentiator – as is our unwavering commitment to the use of all-natural, high quality ingredients.

A look at our Products: Vegan & all natural Facial Masks, washes, and serums

As consumers have become increasingly discerning, large segments of the US and international beauty markets have shifted predominantly, or even exclusively, to vegan and natural products. Once considered niche specialty products, vegan cosmetics have now stormed the mainstream market where they have gained recognition for a variety of benefits, including anti-ageing properties, natural rejuvenation, and gentle but effective results for consumers with sensitive skin. Vegan products are also cruelty-free and are not tested on animals, giving consumers peace of mind that they are making sustainable choices that minimize harm to the environment.

We understand the benefits that skin care companies can reap by offering effective vegan skin care products. We have the expertise and the advanced equipment to help businesses of all sizes tap into these opportunities at lower cost and with greater speed. Vegan facial masks and skin care products we create include serums, cleansers, scrubs, toners, lotions, and moisturizers.

A Look at our Process: Natural and Vegan Facial Production

Historically, skin care businesses have been forced to deal with multiple vendors and suppliers who specialize in addressing specific components of product and packaging creation. Because our partners need only communicate with a single vendor, less time is wasted on development and turnaround. This enables us to deliver a level of quality that would otherwise be impossible to achieve at a such a fast speed-to-market and low cost.

The turnkey process encompasses all stages of product development, from initial conceptualization through execution and final delivery. Depending on the client’s specific needs, this includes compounding and formulation, product testing, facial mask manufacturing, and face mask packaging in a variety of green, eco-friendly vegan formats. All of these services are brought together at our cutting-edge U.S. facilities, creating a cost-efficient, one-stop-shop for companies both large and small, with or without in-house product development teams of their own.