What Natural Ingredients Can You Use to Manufacture a Facemask Peel?


Most of the beauty product market revolves around people wanting to look and feel their best. That is why the global beauty market is always booming. Facemasks are one of the most sought-after products. Facemasks provide clients with many benefits in exchange for little effort. They are cost-efficient, nourishing, and above all, they work. It is not uncommon for a skincare product company to explore new trends and provide their customers with the latest beauty products. In recent years, the search for natural, organic products has become essential for millions of people. You may wonder what natural ingredients you should incorporate in your facemask peel to cater to this need. Our U.S.-based private label skin care manufacturers from Anthem United States of Beauty invite you to keep reading as we provide you with essential information on this important topic.

What Are the Best Natural Ingredients to Manufacture a Facemask Peel?

Facemask peels, also known as “peel-off masks,” are used by millions of people worldwide. In the U.S., peel-off masks have gained significant steam due to their efficiency, efficacy, and ease of use. Today more than ever, customers tend to gravitate towards facemasks with natural ingredients. Hence, your beauty product formulations – especially facemask peels – should contain natural ingredients that cater to your customers’ needs. The following constitutes a list of natural ingredients that you should consider when manufacturing a facemask peel:


Vitamins are some of the most important ingredients you should use to manufacture an effective, nourishing, and overall excellent facemask peel. Throughout the years, vitamins have played a significant role in peel-off masks’ success among customers. For instance, Vitamin A has been known to work effectively to treat and control acne. Additionally, Vitamin C is widely lauded for its rejuvenating qualities.

This essential vitamin helps promote collagen production, which can help with the skin’s elasticity and glow. These – and other – vitamins can help you manufacture a natural, organic facemask peel that can help your customers promote healthier, younger-looking skin.

Fruit-Based Ingredients

Recently, the introduction of fruit-based ingredients to beauty products has proven to be a success. The natural components in many fruits can help promote healthier, supple skin. These ingredients help fight off free radicals and nourish the skin, making your customers’ skin look younger for a more extended period. One fruit-based ingredient that can be used in a facemask peel is papaya.

Papaya has been incorporated in many different beauty products such as shampoos, scrubs, and topicals. This natural ingredient has been known for its effectiveness in making the skin look brighter and younger. Other natural, fruit-based ingredients that can help in manufacturing a facemask peel include bananas, avocados, and mango – among others.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are plant-derived acids used to help promote healthier, younger-looking skin. Many skin care products use AHAs as an antiaging agent. These acids can help exfoliate the skin while promoting skin health. AHAs include citric acids, lactic acids, and malic acids. These acids come from natural sources. If you are looking to manufacture a skin care product such as a facemask peel, adding AHAs is strongly recommended in your ingredients list.

Beta Hydroxy Acids

Beta-hydroxy acids, or BHAs, are oil-soluble acids used to make in-depth pore cleaning possible. These acids are used to penetrate deep into the skin, clearing blackheads, unclogging pores, and removing skin-damaging debris. Many natural, organic peel-off masks utilize these essential acids to help customers fight some of the most skin-damaging pollutants that can lodge deep into their pores.

How Do Facial Peels or Facemask Peels Work?

Peel-off masks use a combination of different ingredients to promote facial skin health. These products can vary significantly, depending on their intended use. The combination and ingredient formulation in these skincare products can yield different results depending on the user’s skin type. Every skin type needs a different approach in terms of skincare regime, purpose, and overall result.

For instance, if your skincare product is a facemask peel for dry skin, it is essential to include hydrants in your formula. It would help if you also tried to avoid including ingredients that may worsen skin dryness, such as charcoal or clay. Instead, it would be better to include hydrating, nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, or aloe. It is always better to re-think your formulation depending on the type of skin you wish to target with your beauty product.

Peel-off masks are easy to use. Typically, you should pre-wash your face using lukewarm water to allow your pores to open and relax. This is an essential step because it makes the cleansing process easier and helps your facemask peel penetrate pores more effectively. Once you have rinsed your face, use a clean towel to remove excess humidity. Next, you should spread your face mask evenly throughout the entire face area, avoiding direct contact with your eyes and mouth.

After waiting for the manufacturer-recommended time, you should carefully remove your peel-off mask evenly, starting from the bottom portion of your chin all the way up to your forehead. You may notice residue left behind when peeling your mask off; that is normal. Once the peeling process ends, refresh your skin again with some lukewarm water and finish up with a toner or hydrating cream – especially during nighttime.

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