Organic Face Mask Production + Private Label Manufacturer

Skin care products that use organic ingredients are popular due to their gentleness on skin, as well as their eco-friendliness. Organic face masks are used by skin care lovers across America to detoxify their skin, heal blemishes, and improve their skin’s overall complexion.

If your skin care company is interested in manufacturing organic face mask products, get in touch with New Jersey-based organic face mask product manufacturer Anthem United States of Beauty as soon as possible. Anthem United States of Beauty is capable of producing organic face masks that users will appreciate. Our private label manufacturing methods place an emphasis on well-sourced organic, vegan, and natural ingredients from all over the world. Call (973) 779-1982 today to learn more about how we can manufacture an organic face mask product for you today.

Production for Private Label Organic Face Masks

Face masks are an important part of the skin care industry because they allow users to administer ingredients with healing properties to their skin. Since face masks need to be left on the face for 10 to 20 minutes, many users use the time to indulge in self-care and relaxation. Face masks with organic ingredients are especially interesting to consumers interested in skin care because they benefit both the users and the planet.

Anthem United States of Beauty is proud to have the versatility to make different types of organic face mask products for our clients. We can make any of the following face masks in our facilities using quality organic ingredients:

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks can be used to administer products to the surface of the skin. Clients can choose from a variety of organic ingredients to include in both the product soaked into the mask and the material that the mask is made of. Clients have the option of manufacturing sheet masks made of charcoal, biocellulose, and holographic and laminate materials.

Peel-Off Face Masks

Peel-off face masks are applied to the user’s face as a liquid. The liquid then hardens so it can be peeled off, pulling impurities and bacteria out of the skin along with it. Many users appreciate peel-off masks for their ability to detoxify skin and heal inflamed areas. Anthem United States of Beauty can manufacture any peel-off mask that is requested by our clients using organic ingredients.

Mud Face Masks

Mud can be used to purify, clarify, and soothe skin. Mud face masks are appealing because it’s easy to manufacture them using organic and natural ingredients.

Face masks are just one part of a comprehensive skin care routine. Ideally, a skin care routine centered around organic and natural products should include not only face masks but facial cleansers, toners, serums, scrubs, lotions, creams, and makeup removal wipes. Skin care companies that would like to create an entire skin care line based around the use of organic ingredients can use Anthem United States of Beauty’s manufacturing service for all of their needs.

Manufacturing Process for Organic Face Masks

Skin care companies can depend on Anthem United States of Beauty to manufacture organic face mask products that will be a valuable addition to their product lines. Our turnkey manufacturing process allows skin care companies to use only the manufacturing services they need, although they are also welcome to use all of the services that Anthem United States of Beauty has to offer. Our manufacturing process includes the following services:


When skin care companies decide to use our services, they usually begin the process with a consultation with our team of experts, all of whom have deep knowledge of skin care products and the skin care industry. They can discuss the goals that you have for the product or products you’d like to create and can inform you about what it will take to meet them. Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about the manufacturing process and can provide your company with support every step of the way.

Product Formulation and Development

Anthem United States of Beauty is excited to be able to formulate and develop face masks that use organic ingredients. Our team of skin care experts can develop products that are either entirely new or improvements on product formulas that already exist. Our staff is also capable of performing testing on products that they formulate and develop. During testing, the physical and chemical stability of products will be examined to ensure that the product is entirely safe for use by customers.

Product Manufacturing

All of our products are made in our technologically advanced facilities in New Jersey and Florida using ingredients sourced from dependable vendors around the world.

Product Packaging

Since many consumers make decisions about products based on the way the product looks, great product packaging is essential. We can package products in a variety of ways that are both aesthetically appealing and functional.


When product manufacturing has been completed, we can fulfill orders by sending it to retail spaces for sale to customers.

Private Label Organic Face Mask Manufacturer in the US

Skin care companies that would like to add organic face mask products to their skin care lines are encouraged to get in touch with Anthem United States of Beauty as soon as possible. Call (973) 779-1982 to learn more about our private label manufacturing capabilities.