Anthem Beauty Acquires Miami-Based ExcelCare Products LLC


Miami, FL – Private-label beauty and skincare manufacturer Anthem Beauty recently completed an acquisition of Miami-based wet-wipe manufacturer ExcelCare Products, LLC. Included in the deal is ExcelCare’s Miami manufacturing facility, which expands Anthem Beauty’s capabilities to produce consumer-focused wet wipe products for companies in the Southern United States and Latin America.

Anthem Beauty is a New Jersey-based manufacturer with an established record of developing, producing, and packaging cosmetic products for a variety of companies. Anthem’s experience and level of investment in innovative manufacturing processes give them the capability to adapt to the needs of any client and quickly and reliably produce a market-ready, American-made product.

ExcelCare Products has more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing and commercializing wet-wipe skin care products, notably for leading products sold in Central and South America. The company manufactures five distinct brands, each focused on a different consumer base. They also maintain top-of-the-line environments including temperature-controlled and pressurized clean rooms, a chemical and microbiological laboratory, and a completely automated cleaning system.

 The addition of a South Florida manufacturing facility enables Anthem to produce a wide variety of products designed to promote personal cleanliness and simplify skin care. The new location means that customers in the southern United States and Latin America will be better served through improved shipping times and faster speed to market. 

Because Anthem maintains state-of-the-art tools and a highly-qualified staff with expertise in all aspects of the manufacturing process – from the formulation of chemicals to the packaging of products – they are able to offer a level of flexibility virtually unheard of in the beauty industry. This is especially important given the mercurial nature of these products; as new methods of skin care and facial rejuvenation rise and fall within the realm of popular culture, the ability to efficiently shepherd a product from conception to delivery is crucial.

Anthem prides itself on using only natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. The company also makes a point of staying transparent and honest with clients seeking how to start a skincare line or how to add products to their current one, both in terms of the selection and sourcing of ingredients and the effectiveness of its formulas. If you need someone to take your idea for a beauty product and turn it into a national sensation, look no further than Anthem Beauty.