Our Skincare + Cosmetic Laboratory

Beauty Informed By Science

Anthem is the premier choice in skincare and cosmetic product development, manufacturing, testing, and packaging. A vital ingredient to our success – and the success of our clients – is our cutting-edge, U.S.-based skincare and cosmetic laboratory. Our team of expert chemists implements the latest in beauty industry technology to compound, formulate, test, and manufacture a wide range of custom consumer products on-demand, from single-use facial masks to cleansers.

Our Investments, Your Rewards

We’re known for investing in technology, process, personnel and the right materials. Simply stated, those investments result in the optimal product for our clients. Operated by trained experts using top-of-the-line scientific and industrial equipment, our skin care and cosmetics laboratory has the capacity to develop and create [hundreds/thousands?] of unique products, enabling both small and large businesses to target a diverse range of market segments. With each stage of product design and creation under one roof, speed to market is another byproduct of our unique turnkey approach. Because Anthem’s product development laboratory is centralized in-house alongside our manufacturing and packaging equipment, we are able to rapidly create, produce, and ship custom-made skincare and cosmetic products to suppliers around the globe.

Skincare & Cosmetics Created Efficiently



Our turnkey system saves our clients time and money, but not every client is looking for a turnkey solution. Is it a new or existing product? What market you wish to target? What are your desired ingredients and outcomes? We’ll explore every aspect.



The next step is where formulation, compounding, and development take place. You provide your specifications – we provide a range of formats and delivery systems to meet your marketing needs.



Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art automation technologies for rapid, precise, and safe manufacturing.



No matter what type of format, delivery system, or aesthetic you wish to capture, our packaging and product design team is ready with flexible, effective solutions that will endure shipping and storage.



we deliver on every promise –from process and price to product and quality. You’re ready to put your product on store shelves and we’re ready to put it there.

Products Our Laboratory Tests, Manufactures, and Packages

Our face and body care products are gentle on skin, proven to be effective and of course, compliant with federal safety regulations. Some of the high-quality products we develop, manufacture, and package at our skin care and cosmetics laboratory include: