Product Development

It’s What’s Inside that Counts. Specialized Materials for Special Products.

It’s true that Anthem has a storied history of advanced and efficient manufacturing and packaging capabilities. But there are also hundreds of companies who have trusted us to develop the actual products they want to bring to market. We’re able to provide our partners with both new and existing product development– an arena where we’ve earned a reputation as the preeminent B2B resource for single-use beauty, skin care, and consumer products.

What Makes Our B2B Product Development Services Unique?

Our knowledgeable chemists and in-house experts are highly engaged and offer a proactive approach to production. By bringing wide-ranging and experience-based expertise to the table, Anthem gives clients greater brand authority – while supplying an unparalleled range of serums and formulations that can be used immediately or leveraged to create something new.
We understand that today’s consumers place increasing value on supporting sustainable, environmentally-conscious products and businesses. We pride ourselves on being able to create effective facial cleanser products from natural, vegan, organic, and/or cruelty-free ingredients, depending on the client’s needs. No matter what the client is seeking, our sophisticated technology enables us to create custom formulations that are proven to work.

Our 5-Step Product Development Process



First, we develop a clear understanding of your objectives, your resources, and your challenges. Whether a new or existing product line, clients use our vast library of serums to leverage a premade base or we’ll develop a custom-designed product made to client specifications.



Next, we complete product formulation at our sophisticated U.S. facility. Our extensive collection of globally-sourced ingredients lets clients formulate a broad range of products in all types of formats and delivery systems.



We manufacture products at the same facility where formulation occurs. This has two advantages for clients: it allows products to be advertised as made in the U.S., while simultaneously allowing products to be completed – and launched – on competitive timelines.



We design product packaging tailored to the client’s specifications. We create packaging that captures your brand – and captures attention. The perfect blend of design and function.



Clients receive detailed, transparent quotes to review, plus full control over ultimate sign-off. Whether your needs are great or small, our mission is to implement strategies that work for your business.

Quality Worth Repeating

We’re proud to have an exceptionally high rate of partner retention. We’ve spent years innovating, manufacturing, and pioneering better solutions – and it shows in our partners’ market dominance. Using state-of-the-art laboratory and testing equipment, we provide product development services for a wide range of disposable beauty, home, and sanitary goods, including: