Product Testing

 Testing that Drives QUALITY

Anthem Beauty provides B2B product testing services for skin care, cosmetic, and consumer goods companies. Whether you are exclusively interested in our product testing expertise, or are interested in additional services like product development and manufacturing, Anthem Beauty can tailor a strategy to your specific goals and needs. If you represent a supplier or manufacturer of cosmetics, skin care products, or other disposable consumer goods, contact Anthem to find out how we can help your bottom line.

What Makes Our Product Testing Services Unique?

By consolidating our services into a single, state-of-the-art facility, Anthem Beauty eliminates the hassle and inefficiency of coordinating with multiple vendors, consultants, or shipping services. Instead of wasting valuable time on slow communication and delayed turnaround, our clients quickly complete phase after phase, with no downtime. In the end, a product launches sooner and quickly reaches the consumer market – unlocking opportunities for greater profits in the process.
Unlike other B2B suppliers that create cosmetic products overseas, Anthem Beauty also plans and executes every stage of the product testing and development process here in the United States. This allows our clients to market their products as being made in the U.S., which is a major selling point – and competitive advantage – for large swaths of the consumer market. It brings our clients a pronounced advantage over foreign competitors, who lack the test-ready infrastructure to get products to the market quickly.

Our 5-Step Product Development Process



Some clients are interested in a total turnkey solution, while others prefer to focus exclusively on our product testing expertise. We start the process with a consultation to chart a tailored course of action.



Our U.S.-based lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology, and a vast library of serums and ingredients. Experienced chemists guide every step. Whether a new product line, or improving an existing one, the process is proven, swift, and simple.



We conduct extensive product testing to ensure both regulatory compliance and superior product efficacy. Testing is thorough yet quickly completed thanks to our years-long commitment to process, personnel and technology.


Optional Reformulation

At Anthem, our clients have the option to put any product through optional reformulation stages if desired. While often not needed, we want our clients to feel empowered and informed throughout the product testing process.



We carry out every stage of your project with transparency and speed, delivering detailed quotes and timely turnaround – all within your budget.

Beauty and Skin Care Products – Put to the Test

At Anthem, we are committed to supporting products that are gentle enough for comfortable use, but powerful enough to deliver noticeable results. From single-use antibacterial wipes to luxurious facial masks and cleansers, Anthem is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of consumers – while simultaneously ensuring that products work as advertised. Types of products we have expertise testing and developing include: