Our Turnkey Process

From Idea Through Execution, Unlock the Anthem Value

Anthem utilizes a unique process for our partners that brings product development, manufacturing, and packaging together under one roof. We provide a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” for each of these services at our state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey. Utilizing one vendor to manage every step, from development through distribution, Anthem clients increase speed to market and at a cost lower than other U.S. facilities. As an Anthem client, you’ll benefit from our optimal blend of all the right ingredients: process, science, technology, ingenuity, expertise, and a heaping dose of pride.

Facilitating Quality and Speed to Market

From “in the lab” to “on the truck”, there are five steps in Anthem’s turnkey process. We designed it to save our clients time and money regardless of their size, their location, or their product and service offerings. As an Anthem client, your needs may not require you to start at the beginning, and that’s fine with us. Our process is flexible enough to allow you to come to us with your own head start and we can bring your product across the finish line. Either way, we have the tools, technology, processes and state-of-the-art equipment to meet the most specific needs and bring your product the differentiation necessary to stand out in the crowd.



Once we’re contacted by a prospective client, we discuss the company’s needs and objectives in detail, curating a precise and clear strategy. Some of our clients already have in-house product development teams and are primarily seeking manufacturing expertise; others require beginning-to-end solutions. Our knowledgeable experts can determine the appropriate approach to reach each client’s goals.



New Products

If the project involves a new product, our skilled scientists, chemists and management team develop a formulation and branding that matches the client’s desired line image. For example, the client may wish to build a line around sea minerals, Australian clay, coconut, or other components. We then create and test a new formula to match the desired ingredients and application. From beginning to end, our clients get a proven, thoughtful, and informed approach that yields exactly what they were looking for –the optimal product.

Existing Brands/Lines

If we’re developing a new product for an existing brand, we offer products based on the desired format or application, be it facial sheet masks, mud masks, scrubs, serums, or others. We also take an existing line into consideration, calling out possible new ingredients that could enhance existing ingredients. If the client’s ingredient of focus is not already in our base, we will formulate and add it.



We manufacture a broad array of products at our state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey. Through our innovative, value-driven approach, our manufacturing model offers superior quality, decreased waste, and greater opportunity for increased profitability. This allows brands and companies of all sizes access to the highest quality manufacturing available in the U.S.



When it comes to packaging, Anthem marries quality, function and design. To get there, we answer an exhaustive list of questions to ensure the end result looks the part and meets the end-users needs and expectations. What product information will the customer want on the package? What labeling is required? How easy is the dispensing technique? How well does the container preserve its contents between uses? Our technology and design capabilities enable us to provide our clients with the appropriate format or delivery system in a fully printed item with custom artwork that’s rich with customer appeal.



Finally, the client samples submissions for sign-off on the finished product. Our clients retain approval throughout the comprehensive process, from sampling of the mixture, to proofing artwork and packaging, and pricing. Of course, all information regarding products and formulas is held confidentially.

A Comprehensive Approach. A Distinctive result.

Our combination of US-based manufacturing with in-house packaging and manufacturing solutions allows clients to blaze trails on impressive timelines, staying one step ahead of the competition. The core benefits of our turnkey manufacturing are reduced time and expense. But what sets our process even further apart from other companies?

Your needs are unique. Our process is proven. The two together bring incredible products to market. We’ve spent our entire company history rising up to challenges, expanding our capabilities, and getting things done. We meet whatever need that comes our way. If we don’t have the tools, we invest in them. If you think we can’t do it, well then, challenge accepted.

Anthem has a library of existing serums and products for clients to choose from or use as a base. Without this library, the need to develop and test serums could add weeks to the timeline in an industry where speed to market can give you the edge you need.

Unlike other companies, Anthem has the ability to compound on-site. This capability eliminates the need for outside laboratories and other suppliers, making the process faster and less costly for clients.

We offer a wide range of packaging formats and supplemental packaging, such as shelf trays, outer printed cartons, and shipping cartons, eliminating the need to waste time communicating with multiple vendors.