Product Packaging

At Anthem, Good Things Come in All Packages

Anthem is the foremost industry leader in international private label supply for single-use wipes, masks, and cleansers. Alongside formulation and manufacturing, the packaging of skin care and beauty products is one of the core services we provide for our partners every day.

Small, midsize, and large companies from all over the world seek to benefit not only from our industry expertise, but also from our innovative one-stop-shop- approach, which merges development, packaging, and manufacturing into a seamless efficient process. This allows our partners to reduce their costs and still reach the market ahead of competitors.

Skincare & Cosmetics Created Efficiently



We start by developing a clear and detailed plan of action to ensure we realize your objectives. This helps us differentiate between partners who solely wish to obtain manufacturing and/or packaging services, and those who are interested in a start-to-finish turnkey solution.



Our industry-trained chemists source pure and effective ingredients from all over the world. We pride ourselves on efficacious formulations that work as promised, while remaining gentle enough for use on the skin.



At Anthem, we make sure that first time clients become long-time clients. Since manufacturing occurs on-site at our New Jersey facility, partners can also advertise their products as being made in the United States



Anthem has invested in state-of-the-art packaging machinery from the most respected technology companies from all over the world. This enables us to offer value-driven packaging options that are, modern, intuitive and attractive.



By working with diligence, transparency, and a strong emphasis on open collaboration, we achieve better results while empowering you to be more involved.

As Unique as Our Clients’ Needs: B2B Packaging Services

Large organizations with in-house product development teams generally come to us for our manufacturing and packaging services, or to benefit from our well-known expertise in a specific category of facial sheet mask manufacturing. Other organizations who either don’t have in-house product development teams, or prefer to outsource product development initiatives, come to us for our unique turnkey solution.

In either scenario, our partners can benefit from our well-established expertise in the skin care packaging industry. Whether they’re receiving actionable insights from our in-house experts, or taking advantage of our turnkey process, they’re sure to speed up production and slash expenses.

Types of Product Packaging We Offer

Our broad expertise across formulation, manufacturing, and packaging means we can provide a nimble and simplified start-to-finish solution. This type of strategy is cheaper, more streamlined, and more cohesive than traditional alternatives. Whether we are designing a new product, or expanding an existing product line to offer consumers more options, some of our most popular packaging options include:

Bottles, Jars , Sachets, Spout pouches, Tubes, etc.