Private Label CBD Face Sheet Mask Manufacturer

Due to its myriad benefits, CBD is being included in many skincare products, including face sheet masks. CBD face masks allow the health benefits of CBD — which include wrinkle reduction, alleviation of inflammation, help with acne, and hydration — to sink deep into the skin while letting users enjoy a relaxing moment of self-care.

Private label manufacturing is often the best option for skincare brands that want to customize products and maintain control over the manufacturing process. Skincare companies interested in using private label manufacturing to create CBD face sheet masks should consider Anthem United States of Beauty. A turnkey manufacturing process supervised by skincare experts allows our clients to create quality products on an unbeatable timeline. Contact private label CBD face sheet mask manufacturer Anthem United States of Beauty today to learn more about our services; call (973) 779-1982 to speak with a representative.

How CBD Face Sheet Masks Work

Sheet masks have become one of the most popular skincare products in recent years. Since these masks give users a chance to let products soak deep into their skin, they can use sheet masks that target specific skin issues they may have. Another major skincare trend in recent years has been CBD oil, a non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana known to have a relaxing effect on users. When applied topically through a face sheet mask, CBD can help the health and appearance of skin by reducing signs of aging, fighting inflammation, preventing acne and other blemishes, and making skin look smooth and bright.

What ingredients will be used in their CBD sheet mask serum is one decision that every skincare brand needs to make; the material that the face sheet mask is made of is another. Anthem United States of Beauty has a multitude of materials that skincare companies can use to make their face sheet masks. Brands should note that Anthem United States of Beauty can make face sheet mask products that cover the entirety of the face, as well as masks that cover only certain areas, such as around the mouth, eyes, and neck. Skincare companies have the following options for materials when making their custom face sheet masks:

  • Biocellulose – Biocellulose sheet masks are made using fermented fibers from coconuts. They hold moisture well, which means they can retain a sufficient amount of serum on customers’ faces; customers also appreciate the fact that they are biodegradable.
  • Charcoal – Sheet masks made with charcoal are able to detoxify skin by drawing toxins, chemicals, oxidants, bacteria, and other impurities out of the pores.
  • Gold laminate and holographic – These face sheet masks lock moisture into the skin by allowing a soft material to administer a serum under a sheath of foil.
  • Honeycomb-patterned – Tencel (a fabric made from wood pulp that is more absorbent than cotton) is used to make honeycomb-patterned masks, which can hold serums on users’ faces exceptionally well.

Private Label Manufacturing for Beauty Brands of All Sizes

When manufacturing CBD face sheet mask products, the main choice faced by skincare companies is whether they should use white label manufacturing or private label manufacturing. Private label manufacturing is often the best choice for companies because it allows them to change formulas for products that already exist, which will allow them to make products that are sure to be enjoyed by customers. This degree of flexibility is appreciated by brands that like to maintain a certain level of control over how their products are crafted.

After skincare companies choose the formula and materials that they want to use in their product, the product is manufactured and then given to the company so that they can brand it and distribute it to retailers. Skincare companies appreciate that private label manufacturing allows them to create products quickly, which saves money in the long run.

How Anthem Can Help You Create a CBD Sheet Mask Product

Anthem United States of Beauty is proud to offer manufacturing services to skincare companies of all sizes. Companies can either choose a few of Anthem United States of Beauty’s services or treat Anthem as a one-stop shop for all their CBD sheet mask manufacturing needs.

One of the services that Anthem United States of Beauty offers is consultations. Our experts can help clients figure out which products they should be making, which ingredients and materials to include in those products, how much it will cost to make them, and which method of manufacturing is most aligned with their objectives.

Anthem United States of Beauty can also formulate new products for clients. Our chemists can adjust formulas that already exist or develop entirely new products. Our chemists can also test products once they have been formulated to ensure that they are stable and safe for customers to use.

Another service that we are excited to offer clients is manufacturing, which takes place in our state-of-the-art facilities in either Clifton, New Jersey, or Miami, Florida. We place a great deal of importance on carrying out an efficient manufacturing process and delivering a quality product on time.

Packaging is another vital service that we offer at Anthem United States of Beauty. We can package products in a way that is practical – ensuring that products stay free from contamination – and aesthetically pleasing, so that each sheet mask stands out to customers on the shelf. When products have finished going through the manufacturing process, we ensure that products are promptly distributed.

Private Label CBD Face Sheet Mask Manufacturer

Skincare companies that are interested in creating a CBD face sheet mask are encouraged to learn more about the manufacturing services that Anthem United States of Beauty can provide. Get in touch with Anthem United States of Beauty to learn more about how you can create effective CBD face mask products that provide solutions to customers’ skincare problems. Call (973) 779-1982 today for more information.