Quality is Key

Safety and Manufacturing Quality Assurance Policies

Anthem Beauty maintains the highest standards in quality control and safety. Our system is based on a philosophy of prevention. To accomplish this, Anthem employees practice strict adherence to more than 100 standard operating procedures, as well as to good manufacturing practices established by the FDA. That professionalism has earned us the confidence of multinational pharmaceutical companies, international consumer goods producers, and global leaders in natural beauty products.

State-of-the-art Facilities

With custom-built facilities in Clifton, NJ, and Miami, FL, we are proud to offer the highest level of quality control and safety adherence in terms of both capability and capacity. Thanks to top-of-the-line air and water filtration, we are able to guarantee quality by controlling the conditions in both our formulation and manufacturing processes. This is made possible through HEPA filtration systems that allow us to isolate specific environments and a new reverse osmosis water purification system that meets United States Pharmacopeia standards. We use only USP purified water to manufacture all our formulations. Our Miami facility is also specifically equipped to ensure microbiological purity throughout production.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance

In accordance with GMPs and federal regulations, our engineers observe 100% formula compliance at every level, from process engineering through scale-up procedures. All incoming raw materials are inspected with the latest infrared spectrometers to guard against imperfections or contaminants. During production, the internal quality control labs at each facility conduct phase checks at every step of the batching process. Each batch is then sent for microbiological testing and approval before the order is filled. Batches are thoroughly documented and reviewed to guarantee both quality and transparency.

Anthem’s internal auditing process involves a full review of all operating procedures at least four times per year. We also conduct quarterly inspections of our environmental systems, and our USP-quality water is tested three times per week, with total organic carbon (TOC) readings that are monitored in real time. Our facilities employ validated clean-in-place (CIP) systems for kettles, in addition to a comprehensive clean and sterilize program. Dedicated sanitization rooms are used for equipment to prevent any cross-contamination.

A COMMITMENT to Safety and Quality Training

Our robust training programs are offered in two languages, either quarterly or as required to meet the unique needs of a specific client or product. This training extends to all aspects of the manufacturing process, including to quality control and assurance. GMP training is conducted and documented annually to ensure compliance.

Anthem Beauty also maintains a number of additional licenses, certifications, and registrations with the appropriate governmental and industry organizations:

FDA Licensed
OTC Drug GMP Certified
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Other Registrations
ISO 22716 cGMP Personal Care
EPA License

RO USP Water System
Brand new Validated USP Purified water system

HEPA Filtration Enclosure System
Portable rooms with positive HEPA air filtration for Raw Material & Bulk Sampling
Isolates environment over open container in production
Offers additional environmental control for risk mitigation

QA/QC Tests and Inspections
Raw Materials
Packaging Components
In-process – batching and filling
Finished Goods

Cleaning and Sanitization
Validated Clean in Place (CIP) for Kettles
Validated Clean & Sanitize Program
Dedicated Sanitization room for equipment sanitization