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Since they play a crucial role in curtailing the spread of viruses and other contagious illnesses, sanitary wipes are a necessary item in many Americans’ everyday lives. A wipe comes pre-soaked in the disinfecting product, which allows users to disinfect surfaces easily before simply throwing the wipe in the trash. Sanitary wipes are more in demand than ever before, which means it’s in the best interest of companies across America to consider adding sanitary wipes to their product lines.

Private label and white label brands interested in learning more about sanitary wipe manufacturing should get in touch with Anthem United States of Beauty as soon as possible. We can manufacture sanitary wipes for private label and white label brands quickly and cost-effectively. To learn more, call our sanitary wipe private and white label manufacturers at (973) 779-1982 as soon as possible.

Why Your White Label or Private Label Brand Should Add Sanitary Wipes to Your Product Line

Both white label and private label companies can benefit from the addition of sanitary wipes to their product lines since they’re a necessary item in most Americans’ homes.

Sanitary wipes used in American homes every day to kill bacteria and viruses on hands and surfaces. They’re valued for their convenience; they don’t require any preparation before use and can be easily thrown away after they’ve been used. They can be especially useful in places where there’s no access to soap and water for washing your hands, such grocery stores, cars, and outdoor spaces like parks.

Since the demand for sanitary wipes has never been higher, brands can set themselves apart from other companies by offering effective and affordable sanitary wipes to the consumers that trust them. Health and hygiene is now a priority for many people in America. Manufacturing your own sanitary wipe product is a way to show consumers that you value their fight against the threat of contagious illnesses, and it can set you apart from other brands in the same marketplace.

Manufacturing Sanitary Wipes for Private Label and White Label Companies

Anthem United States of Beauty is the best option for private label companies and white label companies interested in manufacturing sanitary wipes because clients can tailor their process to suit their specific needs. Anthem United States of Beauty has a comprehensive manufacturing process, or our clients can also choose to only use the sanitary wipe manufacturing services they need.

To be sure that we understand clients’ expectations regarding production timelines and budget restrictions, we begin our antibacterial wipe process with a consultation between our specialists and our clients’ representatives. Once we have a sense of the cleansing wipe you’d like to manufacture and which manufacturing services you need, we can begin to create a formula for the active ingredients in your sanitary wipe. If your brand needs testing to ensure that the product is chemically stable and safe for use in consumers’ homes, we can do that, too.

Anthem United States of Beauty’s clients have the ability to package their sanitary wipes according to their specifications. Only one hand sanitizing wipe should be used per three square feet of surface, which means multiple wipes are usually used within a short period of time. Clients can package their antibacterial wipes in a way that makes it easy for consumers to pull multiple wipes quickly, or they can opt for simpler and more affordable packaging. Safety is always important to us, and sanitary wipes can be dangerous if they’ve been ingested by babies or animals. We can package your sanitary wipes in containers that can only be opened by adults, if that’s something you want.

Anthem United States of Beauty’s disinfecting wipe manufacturing process concludes with fulfillment to retail spaces requested by clients.

What You Should Look for in a Private + White Label Sanitary Wipe Manufacturer

Among all of the sanitary wipe manufacturers for private label and white label brands, there are certain traits that set some manufacturers apart:

Low-Cost Sanitary Wipe Manufacturer

Since our manufacturing process is customizable, clients can use only the sanitary wipe manufacturing services that they need, which allows them to cut costs. For example, our clients can choose the degree of complication and originality of the formula used to make the active ingredients in their sanitary wipe, which will be reflected in the cost of manufacturing. They can also choose the type of packaging used to store their antibacterial wipes; simpler packaging will be less expensive than more complicated designs.


All of the ingredients used by Anthem United States of Beauty are sourced from suppliers located all over the world, which means our clients can have access to in-demand ingredients (including those that are vegan and cruelty-free) without paying too much for them. And since our manufacturing is done in our technologically advanced facilities in New Jersey and Miami, our clients have the marketing advantage of claiming that their products are made in the United States.

Getting Sanitary Wipes Made Quickly

Since sanitary wipes are more in demand than ever before, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to manufacturing them. Anthem United States of Beauty boasts a manufacturing process that provides quick turnaround times for clients, allowing them to get their products to their consumers as quickly as possible.

Private + White Label Sanitary Wipe Manufacturer Serving the US

Sanitary wipes are needed by people across America as they prevent the spread of illnesses by being diligent about cleaning their hands and household surfaces. Your private label or white label brand can manufacture sanitary wipes with the help of Anthem United States of Beauty starting today. Call our sanitary wipe private and white label manufacturer at (973) 779-1982 today to learn more about our manufacturing services.