Facial Sheet Masks

Centralized Production. Global Appeal.

Anthem specializes in the formulation, testing, manufacture, and packaging of custom-made Korean facial sheet masks. We utilize only the highest quality ingredients, including organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas. 

In addition to benefiting from our knowledge of the US market, our partners are also able to reduce product turnaround time and expense through our unique turnkey process, which offers a streamlined, one-stop-shop without the need for coordination with multiple vendors.

A Look at our Products: Sheet Masks

We offer a wide range of Korean facial sheet masks, enabling our clients to target a diverse assortment of consumer markets. All sheet masks can be designed as Antioxidant, Detoxifying, Hydrating Masks , Purifying Masks and Soothing.

Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

made from 100% natural coconut fiber which fits like a second skin, biodegradable material

Holographic Sheet Mask

laminated holographic material layer creates a truly unique cosmic look while layer locks in serum to skins surface

Gold Laminate Sheet Mask

gold or silver- metallic foil laminated mask adds some bling while holding in applied serum to the skins surface

Charcoal Sheet Mask:

bamboo charcoal to add to detoxifying properties of applied serum

Honeycomb Patterned Sheet Mask

foil pattern over tencel mask material allows pattern to stand out.  The tencel material becomes nearly transparent when wet with applied serum.

Gem Sheet Mask

biodegradable tencel mask material with gems applied random or patterned to create a truly unique look

A Look at our Products: Korean Spot Masks

Marionette mask

spot mask cut to cover the nasal labia folds or “laugh lines” to hold in specific serums to target this area

Neck Mask

special mask cut to fit this delicate and often over looked area to deliver age defying serum

Under eye mask patches

sheet mask material cut in shape specifically to fit below the lower lash line to bring targeted serum right where fine lines and undereye puffiness may occur

As Unique as our Clients’ Needs: Anthem Facial Masks

Anthem is known for our expertise in products referred to as “Korean supplied,” allowing our partners to bring this category into their line and out to the market – without needing to move overseas.

One factor that sets us apart from our competitors is the superiority of the ingredients we use to formulate and produce our Korean sheet and spot masks. We use only the finest and most wholesome ingredients including charcoal, clay, and coconut. We can also fortify our skincare products with Vitamin C, sea minerals, and other nutrients to deliver an added dose of wellness.

Our turnkey process produces custom-made Korean face sheet masks with greater speed and efficiency. Plus, the B2B services that would normally be carried out by separate vendors and contractors – services like ingredient sourcing, quality testing, product development and manufacturing, and design and packaging – enable us to save time and money by enabling earlier product launches.

A Look at Our Process: Formulating, Testing, and Manufacturing Korean Face Masks



Every client has different goals, which is why we initiate each project with an in-depth consultation. We determine whether this is a new or existing product, whether the client desires a turnkey solution, and more.



Having chemists and experts in-house allows Anthem to play a larger role in product development and formulation. We can share our wide variety of existing formulas to enhance existing product lines, or start from scratch.



Our Korean face masks are manufactured in the USA using foreign-sourced components. This lets clients take on the Eastern market without needing to expand or relocate – all under the guidance of our in-house experts on the Korean beauty industry.



Our in-house expertise gives Anthem – and our clients – unmatched flexibility when designing the look and format for Korean face mask packaging. Our packaging solutions boast innovation and creativity, without sacrificing quality or efficacy.



We produce a detailed quote breaking down every expense and service for total transparency and clarity. Clients have sign-off control over authorizing the project to proceed at each stage.