How to Start a Facial Care Product Line


There has never been a better time to become involved in the facial care product industry as consumers continue to drive the demand for new, interesting, and effective products.  Turning an idea for a new product line into reality can seem like a daunting task for many entrepreneurs and this is where finding the right CM (Contract Manufacturer) becomes key. Skincare product manufacturer Anthem United States of Beauty works with many Indie and Start Up brands right along side their clients that have long held leading space in the skincare industry.  Anthem has the expertise to take a new brand thru the steps needed to successfully launch and works closely with them to navigate the process. If you would like to learn more about how you can use Anthem United States of Beauty’s help to start your own facial care line, keep reading.

How Anthem Can Help You Start a Facial Care Product Line

Anthem United States of Beauty has the resources to help entrepreneurs in the facial care product industry figure how to start a skincare line in a few ways: through development, testing requirements, manufacturing, and product packaging. The process of creating a facial care product with Anthem United States of Beauty begins with an initial consultation, during which representatives from Anthem will meet with you to discuss the requirements of the product you are looking to create.

Then, facial care product professionals from Anthem United States of Beauty will take you thru the process to bring your product line to life. The services that Anthem United States of Beauty offers to facial care product creators are:

  • Product formulation and development – When Anthem United States of Beauty formulates a product for you, they work hard to build a product that presents solutions while focusing on your brand direction. The chemists and experts that work for Anthem United States of Beauty are able to build and formulate products that meet customer needs and demands. They specialize in creating targeted treatment facial products for a variety of skin care conditions. All products made by Anthem United States of Beauty are made in the U.S. with ingredients sourced from all over the world.
  • Product testing – After a product has been developed, the team at Anthem United States of Beauty will guide you thru the required testing that will need to be in place such as testing on the products physical and chemical stability, RIPT, Micro, etc.  They will also take the product thru regulatory review to ensure the product or products meet the desired claims such as clean ingredients, vegan, natural percentage, restriction lists and more. The state-of-the-art facilities that Anthem United States of Beauty uses make it easy for facial care product line creators to keep up with production timelines and meet high consumer demand.
  • Product manufacturing – The manufacturing facilities at Anthem United States of Beauty are driven by a commitment to innovation.
  • Product packaging – Anthem United States of Beauty packages the products that it formulates and manufacturers in a way that is functional, informative, and visually appealing.

Types of Products that Anthem Can Make

No matter what type of products you’d like to include in your facial care product line, Anthem United States of Beauty has the ability to formulate and manufacture it. The products that Anthem United States of Beauty can produce include:

  • Facial wipes – Disposable wipes are an excellent facial care product for customers on the go. Facial care wipes can be used to remove makeup, cleanse skin, treat acne, and more. Anthem offers a wide range of materials and packaging options that address the increasing demand for sustainable and biodegradable materials. 
  • Facial cleansers – Anthem United States of Beauty is able to offer many different types of facial cleansers, including foaming facial cleansers, facial cleansers for men, and a natural facial cleanser. We make facial cleansers that perform specific functions, such as clarifying, brightening, soothing, or detoxifying, or that offer solutions to certain skin challenges such as dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, or acne-prone skin.
  • Toners – Toners that are specifically formulated for breakout prone skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin, as well as toners that clarify and hydrate, are a few of the products made by Anthem United States of Beauty. Anthem also makes AHA/BHA pads, peels, and toners.
  • Serums – Serums are increasingly in demand as part of the skin care process and make a nice addition to any facial care product line. Anthem United States of Beauty is able to make serums with specific purposes, such as age defense (made with ingredients that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles) or hydration (easily absorbed into the skin to prevent dry areas).
  • Creams and moisturizers – Dry skin is the cause of many skin problems, which is why Anthem United States of Beauty places an importance on formulating creams and moisturizers that provide skin with all of the hydration that it needs.
  • Face scrubs – Face scrubs are important because they remove dead skin cells and reduce the presence of blemishes. Anthem United States of Beauty offers scrubs for dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, and acne-prone skin that brighten, clarify, exfoliate, hydrate, and detoxify.
  • Masks – Whether you want to make a sheet mask, mud facial mask, charcoal mask, peel-off mask, eye mask, or targeted spot facial mask, Anthem United States of Beauty, a leader in the masking space, can offer multiple format options all using the highest quality ingredients.

Custom Manufacturing Services for Facial Care Product Lines

Anthem United States of Beauty a wet wipe, hair care, and skincare manufacturer with it’s headquarters based in New Jersey, has the expertise to bring a product vision to reality. To learn about our services and how we can help you create your own facial care product line, get in touch with Anthem United State of Beauty online or by calling (973) 779-1982.