What Is Natural Skin Care?


From combatting breakouts to preventing wrinkles, natural skin care products can revolutionize your daily skin care regimen. These products come with health benefits that can beautify your face naturally. But are these skin care items really natural? And what does natural mean in the context of skin care?

Natural skin care products are made from things found in nature. These products contain naturally occurring ingredients that have inherent skin-healing properties. The idea is that natural products are more compatible with skin than products containing unhealthy chemicals or additives. These skin care products can holistically improve your skin while remaining vegan, organic, and humane.

At Anthem United States of Beauty, we provide a turnkey solution to skin care brands. Our chemists can formulate clean, ethical, and natural skin care products for your business. To learn more about the private label natural skin care manufacturers at Anthem United States of Beauty, visit us online or call today at (973) 779-1982.

What’s Natural Skin Care?

Just because a label claims that a skin care product is natural doesn’t mean much. Because natural is a general descriptor, and there is little regulation in the industry, it can be hard to identify which products are natural and which aren’t. There are certain ingredients to search for in products that claim to be natural.

When scanning the ingredients in a natural skin care product, look for words you recognize. Long, complicated words can be added chemicals or fragrances in disguise. Naturally occurring things like vitamins and minerals should be in your natural skin care products. Look for healing substances like aloe or rosewater. Healthy oils like coconut and tea tree oil are often found in natural skin care products as well. If you don’t recognize an ingredient, do some research. Sometimes, ordinary ingredients are called by a different name in ingredient lists.

Clean, natural skin care products shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives. These products are made with naturally occurring ingredients that have intrinsic benefits to the skin. If you’re unsure whether your skin care products are natural or not, visit a dermatologist. A professional can assess your products and let you know if they’re considered natural skin care.

The private label natural skin care manufacturers at Anthem United States of Beauty take time to create innovative products. Our chemists use natural ingredients to generate formulas that benefit the skin. Fruits are used to nourish, plants are used to heal, and natural acids are incorporated to hydrate and cleanse. These types of products offer a natural and effective alternative to other skin care choices.

Not everything found in nature is non-toxic. Before adding any new skin care products to your daily routine, it’s important to consult a dermatologist. Skin care professionals can best identify false ‘natural’ products.

Should I Use Natural Skin Care?

Doing an overhaul on your skin care products might seem unnecessary. Can natural products really be so much better than synthetic ones? Is it worth it to revamp your skin care roster? The advantages of using natural skin care are reason enough to use it.

Not only is clean, natural skin care more beneficial to your skin than other products, it’s also healthier. Skin care products that contain additives and chemicals can threaten the health of your skin. You’re more likely to have an allergic reaction to the non-naturally occurring ingredients often used in skin care. Such ingredients can dry out your skin and cause breakouts. Unnatural ingredients are more likely to harm your skin, rather than help it.

Synthetic skin care products attempt to mimic the qualities of natural skin care. However, they aren’t able to adequately hydrate, cleanse, and revitalize your skin. Your body doesn’t respond to synthetic ingredients the same way it does to natural ones. The negative aspects of synthetic skin care make natural options that more appealing. It’s best to err on the side of caution and switch to natural products.

Skin care brands should offer the best possible products to their customers. Synthetic skin care items that can’t adequately clean and beautify skin can leave customers displeased. Expanding your line of skin care products to include clean, natural skin care options can inflate your base and appeal to health-conscious customers.

For people with sensitive skin, making the switch to natural products can be helpful. Synthetic products contain chemicals that tend to dry out the skin. Opting for a natural skin care routine can also help calm acne flare-ups and reduce breakouts.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Skin Care?

Natural skin care from Anthem United States of Beauty can be produced ethically. Knowing where your skin care comes from and how it’s manufactured can make you more comfortable using it. Natural skin care products are the only ones that can be organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The team of chemists at private label natural skin care manufacturer Anthem United States of Beauty can create products that align with the ethos of your skin care brand. We can formulate, manufacture, and package your products while upholding ethical standards. Synthetic skin care is unable to have the same benefits, as it contains unnatural ingredients.

Our natural skin care products can be organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. These added benefits allow customers to feel confident while using your skin care brand’s products. Organic practices involve using safe, natural ingredients during formulation. Some naturally occurring ingredients in skin care can come from animals. But Anthem United States of Beauty can create vegan and cruelty-free products for your new natural skin care line.

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