What Makes a “Good” Disinfectant Wipe?


Disinfectant wipes allow people to clean different surfaces and get rid of bacteria and viruses. If your company is looking to develop a disinfectant wipe to supply this high demand, or you want to add this item to your existing product lineup, we can help. However, you may wonder what makes a disinfectant wipe “good”. How can you tell whether you are investing in a wipe that will work as intended? Our professional private label disinfectant wipe manufacturers invite you to keep reading as we discuss what makes disinfectant wipes good, effective, and reliable.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Disinfectant Wipe?

As you may know, the coronavirus pandemic has made it essential to have disinfectant wipes available all the time. Schools, hospitals, households, and businesses are all looking to get this product to keep their premises safe from this dangerous virus. There are specific characteristics you should prioritize when looking for a good disinfectant wipe. Some of the factors that make a good disinfectant wipe include the following:

The Right Formula

First and foremost, a good disinfecting wipe should be using an EPA registered formula.  Disinfecting wipe formulations are supplied by specialized vendors that have had the formulations taken thru extensive testing to verify the claims made and have been approved by the EPA.  Claims refer to the type of viruses, bacteria, mold and more that the product has shown to kill along with the time it takes the product to actually kill the virus, bacteria, mold and more that it is claiming effectiveness against. There are various disinfecting formulations that have been developed with the end use in mind.  Some disinfecting formulations are developed for use in and around the home, schools, offices as example.  Then there are those that have been specifically developed for use in setting such as hospitals and or around food prep like restaurants. Knowing where the wipe products are to be used will help you chose the right formulation.  

Choosing the formulation that best suites your needs is key. That is why it is essential to get the assistance of an experienced, EPA registered,  private label manufacturing company like Anthem United States of Beauty. We can provide you with the guidance to align the right formulation for your needs. 

Leak-Proof Packaging

Your disinfectant wipe’s packaging is critical. The integrity and quality of the product depend significantly on the components used to package the wipes. Ensuring that the product remains at the correct wetness while also ensuring a tight, leak proof seal is key in supplying an effective, consumer preferred product. This means using canister packaging that has a tight seal when the lid is snapped back in place between uses.  Another packaging format used for disinfecting wipes is the soft pack or flow pack.  The closure on this packaging format must also ensure a tight fit each time the reseal label and or lid is closed between uses.  Using quality components that make up each packaging option is one of the many details that separate a quality product from one that may leave the consumer wanting better.  At Anthem we utilize quality, proven closures to ensure the integrity of all the disinfecting wipe product we produce.

With our experienced team, Anthem can help  you chose the packaging that best suites your needs. 

Quality Wipes

The wipes are the medium used to clean and disinfect any desired area. You need to make sure you have quality wipes designed to carry out their intended use. As part of the process to bring a disinfecting product to market, the type of material that can be used is part of the EPA disinfecting formulation approval process.  Testing on each material to show it works best with the disinfecting solution, ensuring the efficacy of the liquid and that the material does not degrade the strength of the liquid is part of the path to having a material designated as approved for use specifically with the disinfecting solution it’s paired with. Having a manufacturer such as Anthem, with it’s strong vendor relations, thus enabling the supply of approved wipe materials helps to bring your EPA registered product to market. Pairing the quality, approved material to the disinfecting solution is just one of the many moving parts it takes to align what is needed to supply quality disinfecting wipes that bear the EPA registration information on your label. At Anthem United States of Beauty, we can help you with all these details.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Good Disinfecting Wipe?

You may ask yourself how long it takes to create a disinfecting wipe. After all, your time is valuable, and every minute counts towards building your brand. Many different factors can have an impact on the amount of time required to bring a Private Label disinfecting wipe product to market. There are multiple steps to bringing this type of product to market. First, you need to come up with an idea for the type of disinfecting wipe you want and your end consumer. Are your wipes meant for the medical industry, schools, or domestic use? It is important to have an idea of the type of disinfectant wipe you want, as it can have an impact on your product’s formulation.

The next step is choosing the right EPA registered formulation for your wipe use.  Additionally, you will look to chose which packaging option, canister or flow pack, wipe size and count all fit your use and budgetary needs.

One unique step to bringing a disinfecting wipe to market is the need to register your company with the EPA and upon approval from the disinfecting liquid supplier, also EPA registered, you will then need to register the branded product with each of the states in order to be ready to distribute once produced.  This adds to the typical timeline it would take on any standard wet wipe product which would not need the added steps of registration.  Our experienced team will be able to supply an overview of the full process so you can better plan your product on shelf timing. The time it will take to meet all of these phases can vary, depending on any issues that may present along the way. Anthem United States of Beauty is ready to help with your high-quality disinfectant wipe product needs.

Disinfectant Wipes Manufacturer Serving the United States

The high demand for disinfectant wipes keeps growing as more people dedicate time to protect their homes and businesses. This gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with quality disinfectant wipes to get the job done. Anthem United States of Beauty is an EPA registered manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality disinfectant wipes. Thanks to our many years of service in the private label and white label industry, we have developed the necessary skills to provide all of our clients with the professional services they deserve. Call Anthem today and learn why we can be your one-stop-shop for all your disinfectant wipes needs. Our phone number is (973) 779-1982.