What Skincare Lines Offer Private Labeling?


Skincare lines all over America realize the benefits of using private label manufacturing to create their products. This type of manufacturing is a favorable option for skincare companies because it allows companies to have maximum control over the outcome of their products, their production timeline, and the cost of creating their products. Skincare lines that are interested in private label manufacturing should consider using Anthem United States of Beauty’s services and facilities to create unique products that their customers will enjoy. Continue reading to learn about how the private label skincare product manufacturing experts at Anthem United States of Beauty can help your business meet its goals.

Benefits of Private Label Skincare Manufacturing Services

Many skincare lines use private label manufacturing to create their products. The benefits of using a private label manufacturer to create products are manifold; private label manufacturing offers flexibility and control, which ultimately means greater profits.

Private label manufacturing is often more aligned with businesses’ goals than white label manufacturing. With private label manufacturing, businesses submit specifications for what they want their products to be to the manufacturer. The skincare manufacturer then produces the product and returns it to the business, who will brand it and supply it to retailers. White label manufacturing, on the other hand, entails a manufacturer making a product and then selling it to various retailers, each of whom will brand it in their own way. Those who use private label manufacturing appreciate how they can control the outcomes of their products.

Businesses that want to use private label manufacturing are encouraged to learn more about Anthem United States of Beauty’s services. Skincare businesses can benefit from formulating and manufacturing private label products in the following ways.

Ensuring Quality Control

Businesses that use private label manufacturing methods can maintain control over the details of their products, including the product’s formula, the process of production, the design of the packaging, the distribution process, and the marketing strategy. 

Saving Time During the Manufacturing Process

Private label services can save time for business owners that are creating products. Since private labeling allows businesses to create products in a streamlined way, they can save time that can be used to focus on other aspects of their business.

Keeping Costs Down

Using private label manufacturing to create products is often the most cost-effective option for skincare businesses. Since the products are made in a large batch, ingredients can be purchased in larger volumes, and production may require less labor.

Private Label Skincare Products Manufactured by Anthem United States of Beauty

Almost any product that a skincare producer would like to include in their line can be manufactured using private labeling. The products that are most frequently crafted through this process include:

  • Facial cleansers – Whether your customers are interested in natural cleansers, foaming cleansers, cleansers for men, or a specially formulated cleanser that meets specific needs, Anthem United States of Beauty is capable of manufacturing it in our facilities.
  • Facial wipes – Facial wipes allow customers to clean their faces using a tool that is convenient and portable. We are capable of manufacturing facial wipes in our facilities, as well as baby wipes, sanitary wipes, antibacterial wipes, makeup removal wipes, and more.
  • Creams, lotions, and moisturizers – Maintaining skin’s hydration is a crucial part of maintaining its health and vitality. In Anthem United States of Beauty’s facilities, we can manufacture creams, lotions, and moisturizers that are formulated to prevent the ailments caused by dry skin.
  • Masks – Masks of all kinds, including sheet masks, clay masks, eye masks, foot masks, and hand masks, are more in demand than ever before. Use Anthem United States of Beauty’s private label manufacturing services to create masks that target your customers’ specific skincare needs.
  • Serums – Clients interested in serums can create products with specific outcomes in mind, such as providing brightening, detoxification, and anti-aging effects to customers’ skin. Many people can benefit from serums produced through private label manufacturing.
  • Toners – Toners are an important part of a skincare routine because they cleanse pores of bacteria and traces of makeup. Anthem United States of Beauty can use private labeling to create toners for skin that is acne-prone, dry, or oily.

How Anthem Can Help You with Private Label Skincare Manufacturing

Anthem United States of Beauty has the expertise and facilities to carry clients’ products through every stage of production, beginning with formulation and ending with fulfillment. In Anthem United States of Beauty’s high-tech manufacturing facilities in Clifton, New Jersey, and Miami, Florida, we produce products using high-quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.

The process of manufacturing merchandise with Anthem United States of Beauty begins with a consultation, during which our experts will help clients determine the best way to manufacture their products. Then, the products will be formulated according to all specifications and will then go through skincare product testing to ensure that they are safe for customers to use. They will then be manufactured, packaged, and distributed.

Businesses that use Anthem United States of Beauty’s private label manufacturing services are welcome to choose those services that they need most.

Private Label Skincare Manufacturer Serving the United States

Skincare businesses that are interested in private label manufacturing of their products should get in touch with Anthem United States of Beauty to discuss their options. Our skincare experts can put their expertise to use to help clients increase their profits through private label manufacturing. Contact Anthem United States of Beauty soon to discuss the ways that our turnkey manufacturing process can benefit your business; call (973) 779-1982 today.