Where to Get Your Facial Lotion Products Manufactured in the US


Facial lotion products are an important part of any skin care routine. Facial lotions prevent dryness, which can lead to other skin conditions such as acne and premature aging and can give skin a more youthful and even appearance. Skin care companies that are interested in creating new facial lotion products or improving upon products that already exist should use Anthem United States of Beauty’s manufacturing services to create customizable and affordable products for their skin care lines. Keep reading for more information about the turnkey manufacturing process that New Jersey facial lotion product manufacturer Anthem United States of Beauty can provide for skin care companies across the United States.

Anthem United States of Beauty’s Facial Lotion Products

Customers are interested in facial lotion products that can prevent dryness in their skin while targeting specific skin care needs. If your company is interested in manufacturing a specially formulated facial lotion that is sure to provide a high level of hydration and enrichment to customers, we can adapt our manufacturing process to accommodate it. We are also capable of creating special facial lotion products, such as facial lotion products for men, facial lotion products that use natural and vegan ingredients, and facial lotion products that incorporate CBD, which customers are becoming increasingly interested in.

Anthem United States of Beauty is an ideal option for skin care companies that would like to incorporate facial lotion products into their product lines because of a turnkey manufacturing process that allow clients to easily customize their product formulas, packaging designs, and fulfillment options while providing a full suite of additional services such as product testing and consulting. Anthem United States of Beauty manufactures products in accordance with good manufacturing practices (also known as cGMP), which means that a level of quality is the only thing that clients should expect.

A Comprehensive B2B Facial Lotion Manufacturing Process

Due to the high degree of customization that clients have during the manufacturing process, Anthem United States of Beauty is known as one of the leading resources for B2B facial lotion product manufacturing. Everything we do at Anthem United States of Beauty is driven by a team of skin care industry experts that are dedicated to helping skin care and beauty companies provide quality products for their customers.

Our clients cherish the amount of control that they have during the manufacturing process and the amount of flexibility they have while making decisions about the outcomes of their products. Anthem United States of Beauty has the ability to accommodate orders for white label skin care manufacturing, private label skin care manufacturing, and others, and is comfortable working with both new and established skin care and beauty product companies.

We can produce nearly any skin care product that clients request, including: sheet masks, peel-off masks, mud masks, charcoal masks; facial wipes, makeup remover wipes, baby wipes, sanitary wipes; foaming facial cleansers, facial cleansers for men, natural face cleansers; lotions, creams, and moisturizers; and scrubs, toners, and serums that target specific skin care needs.

How Anthem United States of Beauty Can Help Manufacture Your Face Lotion Products

Our clients appreciate out manufacturing process because it allows them to maintain quick manufacturing timelines that adhere to client budgets. We manufacture our products in facilities located in New Jersey and Florida, which means that clients can proudly claim that their products are made in the United States; our ingredients, however, are sourced from all over the world and selected for their high degree of quality.

Anthem United States of Beauty’s turnkey manufacturing process enables clients to have the flexibility to choose which services they would like to use. They can either use Anthem United States of Beauty’s services to manufacture their product from beginning to end or they can choose only a few services that can allow them to meet certain objectives. Throughout the manufacturing process, clients have authority over the outcome of their products and can be certain that the information about their products will be kept confidential.

The five steps in Anthem United States of Beauty’s manufacturing process include:

  • Consulting – The manufacturing process begins with a consultation between the client and our team of skin care industry experts. During this consultation, our experts pay careful attention to clients’ goals, visions, potential challenges, projected timelines, and available resources. We can answer any questions that clients may have about the manufacturing process and advise them on the services that will be most useful to them.
  • Formulation and development – Our chemists can formulate and develop the products that clients would like to include in their skin care lines, whether they’re completely new or simply require adjustments to formulas that already exist. Our chemists can also perform testing on newly formulated skin care products to make sure that they are chemically stable and safe for use.
  • Manufacturing – All of our manufacturing is done in technologically advanced facilities in either New Jersey or Florida under the supervision of a team of people that have years of experience in all areas of the skin care industry.
  • Packaging – We are excited to offer the ability to package clients’ products in vessels that are designed with both functionality and visual appeal in mind.
  • Fulfillment – When the manufacturing process is complete, we can distribute the product to retail spaces and provide support for clients while doing so.

Facial Lotion Product Manufacturer Serving the United States

Skin care companies that are interested in expanding their skin care lines to include facial lotions should consider using Anthem United States of Beauty’s turnkey B2B skin care manufacturing services. Customers depend on facial lotions to keep their skin properly hydrated and healthy; use Anthem United States of Beauty’s services to create facial lotions that they will appreciate. Call Anthem United States of Beauty at (973) 779-1982 for more information.