Where to Get Your Facial Mask Products Manufactured in the US


Facial mask products are beloved by people across America due to their ease of use and the variety of skin concerns they address. If you are a skin care company that is interested in finding a B2B facial mask product manufacturer, you are encouraged to use Anthem United States of Beauty’s services. Based in New Jersey with production facilities in New Jersey and Florida, Anthem United States of Beauty is proud to manufacture products in the United States. Keep reading to get more information about using the facial mask manufacturing services at Anthem United States of Beauty.

Types of Facial Masks Anthem United States of Beauty Can Manufacture

Sheet masks can be used to target the specific skin care needs of customers. Certain masks can be used as antioxidants, detoxifiers, and purifiers, while others can be used to address specific skin conditions such as acne and signs of aging.

The types of masks that Anthem United States of Beauty can manufacture for clients include:

  • Sheet masks – Sheet masks are popular among users of skin care products because they can easily administer potent and effective products to the skin. Clients that work with Anthem United States of Beauty to create sheet mask products can choose from a variety of materials to make their sheet masks, including biocellulose, holographic and gold laminate masks, charcoal, and honeycomb patterned. Each can administer ingredients in a special way while providing a unique self-care experience for users.
  • Peel-off face masks – Peel-off face masks work by drying onto the user’s face in one sheet, which can then be peeled off of the user’s face in one movement, bringing bacteria and impurities along with it. They’re especially useful for detoxifying skin and healing blemishes.
  • Charcoal face masks – Known for its detoxifying properties, charcoal is one of the most in-demand products currently available to consumers. When included in facial masks, it can be used by customers to detoxify and restore skin.
  • Mud facial masks – Skin care product lovers that want to purify, clarify, and soothe their skin often depend on facial masks made of mud. Mud facial masks are especially interesting to skin care product users that are interested in natural and vegan products, since mud masks often incorporate naturally sourced ingredients.

Anthem United States of Beauty is proud of its ability to manufacture a wide variety of facial masks for clients. However, we can have the capacity to manufacture almost any skin care, cosmetic, or beauty product including facial wipes and makeup wipes, facial cleansers, lotions and moisturizers, facial and body scrubs, serums, and toners

Anthem United States of Beauty’s Manufacturing Process for Your Facial Mask Products

Anthem United States of Beauty’s clients depend on us to manufacture their facial mask products because of a commitment to fostering B2B relationships and the ability to maintain authority over products during our turnkey manufacturing process.

A Premier B2B Beauty Product Supplier

Anthem United States of Beauty cherishes our relationships with B2B clients. Since our manufacturing process allows clients to maintain authority over their products throughout every step, clients appreciate the amount of control they have over the outcome of their products. We can work with both newly founded skin care companies as well as companies that are established in their industry. We also welcome relationships with white label skin care product manufacturers, private label skin care manufacturers, and others.

A Turnkey Manufacturing Process

When you manufacture your facial mask products with Anthem United States of Beauty, the process will begin with a consultation. During this consultation, our team of industry experts will meet with representatives from your company to understand your overall objectives for your product. Since clients have the flexibility to choose which parts of our manufacturing process they would like to use, they can use their consultation to decide on which services they would like Anthem United States of Beauty to provide.

Anthem United States of Beauty can also develop and formulate products for clients, whether they are completely new and made from scratch or just an adjustment to a formula that already exists. When products are fully formulated, our chemists can then perform testing on products so that they be sure that they are chemically stable and safe for use by customers.

Our manufacturing facilities allow us to manufacture products quickly so that clients can stick to their timelines. We manufacture all of our products in production facilities based in New Jersey and Florida, using ingredients that are bought from reputable sources around the globe. We have access to in-demand products including seaweed, coconut, avocado, Vitamin C, charcoal

Packaging is another valuable service that Anthem United States of Beauty provides to clients. Functionality and design are both important to use while packaging products for clients—we understand that packaging must keep the product safe but should also look desirable to customers when they see it available for purchase in retail spaces.

Finally, Anthem United States of Beauty is also capable of fulfilling products for our clients. When the manufacturing process is complete, we can send products to retail spaces requested by clients. All of our information about clients’ products is maintained with confidentiality.

Face Mask Product Manufacturer Serving the United States

The demand for facial mask products is high and continues to grow. Skin care product companies that would like to create facial mask products for their customer should consider using Anthem United States of Beauty’s B2B skincare manufacturer services, which are based in New Jersey with satellite production facilities in Florida. If you’d like to learn more about our manufacturing services, call us at (973) 779-1982 today.