Baby Wipes

A Proven Process. An Exemplary Result.

Anthem is a globally-renowned, industry-leading name in private label baby wipes supply and manufacturing. With years of hands-on industry experience, sophisticated manufacturing technologies, and a highly skilled team of in-house chemists and experts, we are uniquely positioned to provide turnkey private label solutions to consumer product brands of all sizes around the world.

As Unique as Our Clients’ Needs: Private Label Baby Wipes

Because we do everything under one roof, we’re able to offer partners a turnkey, start-to-finish private label solution, which means we develop, make, and package your baby wipes from our cutting-edge U.S. facilities. This has two advantages for our partners:

1. It reduces both the time it takes for products to go to market and the cost associated with making those products.

2. Thanks to our locations in New Jersey and Florida, our partners can market their baby wipes as “made in the U.S.” – a distinctive advantage for capturing the consumer market that prefers American-sourced baby and childcare products.

Baby wipe formulations must be efficacious enough to work as advertised, but gentle enough for use on a baby’s sensitive skin. We understand the significance of this, which is why our experienced chemists scour the globe for the safest ingredients.

A look at Our Products: Types of Baby Wipes

Anthem works with small, midsize, and large organizations to provide nuanced expertise, top-0f-the-line industrial equipment, or both, depending on our partners’ needs. From comprehensive turnkey solutions to limited consulting engagements, we can work with your company in any capacity to fill strategic gaps and move the needle forward faster.

From compounding, testing, and formulation to design, packaging, and manufacturing, we offer a wide assortment of single-use and disposable baby wipe products, such as:

Baby wipes for adults
Bamboo baby wipes
Biodegradable baby wipes
Flushable baby wipes

Hypoallergenic baby wipes
Natural baby wipes
Organic baby wipes

Scented baby wipes
Sensitive skin baby wipes
Unscented and fragrance-free baby wipes