Makeup Remover Wipes

Your Product Vision Brought to Life.

You have the vision. We bring the execution. Anthem is known as a pioneering private label supplier of single-use and disposable facial wipes. We provide flexible, nimble business solutions for organizations of all sizes – from full-scale turnkey manufacturing solutions to more limited engagements focused on our niche expertise and consulting services.

As Unique as Our Clients’ Needs: Makeup Removal Wipes

Our innovative turnkey solution helps partners save time and expense by combining – under a single roof — the services that would normally be handled by separate vendors. Instead of coordinating with different vendors for packaging, manufacturing, compounding, and other services, our partners can simply turn to us for the full solution from formulation to packaging through fulfillment. That allows our partners the competitive advantage of rapid turnaround time.

We also ensure that our products use only the finest and most effective ingredients – while remaining mindful of shifting consumer attitudes and preferences. Compared to past trends in the beauty industry, the modern consumer places a heightened value on sustainably-produced, environmentally-friendly options.

To stay ahead of what consumers want; our model is structured not just to accommodate, but to also emphasize products that are U.S.-made, natural, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free.

A Look at Our Products: Makeup Removal

Anthem works with small, midsize, and large organizations to provide nuanced expertise, top-0f-the-line industrial equipment, or both, depending on our partners’ needs. From comprehensive turnkey solutions to limited consulting engagements, we can work with your company in any capacity to fill strategic gaps and move the needle forward faster.

From compounding, testing, and formulation to design, packaging, and manufacturing, we offer a wide assortment of single-use and disposable baby wipe products, such as:

Acne-fighting makeup remover wipes
Eye makeup removal wipes
Fragrance-free makeup remover wipes

Gentle makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin
Makeup remover wipes for combination skin

Makeup remover wipes for dry skin
Makeup remover wipes for oily skin