Sanitation, Electronic & Automotive Cleansing Wipes

Expertise Beyond Beauty

Anthem is globally-known as a leading private label beauty, skin care, and cosmetics supplier. After getting our start in the disposable wipes industry, an industry in which company founder, Raj Prakash, has decades of experience, the company invested in the tools and technology to bring this experience into new realms and broaden the scope of products.

Built on years of knowledge and hard work, our history of achievement gives us – and our partners – unparalleled business insights into an industry that continues to grow and evolve. We can help you outpace the changes and stay ahead of the trend curve.

As Unique as our Clients’ Needs: Anthem Cleansing Wipes

We offer an innovative one-stop-shop process that results in better products getting to market faster – and at lower cost than our competition. Because our partners have no need to collaborate with multiple vendors, we trim out wasteful, inefficient elements from the normal product timeline by bringing all aspects of the formulation, testing, packaging and manufacturing process under one roof.

Our team of chemists is always ready with cutting-edge scientific equipment and the expertise necessary to get your product exactly where you need it to be.

A Look at Our Products: Wipes

In addition to producing cleansers and wipes for skin care, beauty, and cosmetic purposes, we also manufacture an array of wipes for personal sanitation and home cleaning use.

To name just a few of the diverse products we develop in this category, our offerings include:

Antibacterial wipes
Hand sanitizing wipes
Individualy wrapped disinfectant wipes

Sanitary wipes for adults
Sanitizing wipes for travel
Wipes for electronic devices

Wipes for glass surfaces
Wipes for smartphone screens
Wipes for tablet screens